‘Counting On’: 1 Thing Jinger Duggar Said Years Ago Suggests She Has No Freedom in Her Marriage

Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been married since November 2016. The two are inseparable and recently started a new life together out in California. However, some fans have had concerns that Duggar isn’t as happy in her marriage as she seems. And one thing she said years ago might make it clear that she doesn’t have a lot of freedom.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Discovery Channel

Duggar and Vuolo appear to be a happy couple on Instagram

Ever since the two wed, they’ve been showing off their love for each other through social media. Duggar has 1.2 million followers and has become one of the most popular members of her family. She loves posting photos of her and Vuolo spending time together, and Vuolo posts images of the same nature to his feed. However, everyone knows that social media doesn’t always tell the full story. But fans love to see the two gazing at each other in their photos.

Some have had concerns Duggar isn’t happy with her life

Though Duggar appears to be happy on social media, it doesn’t always paint the full picture. And some fans have grown increasingly concerned that she isn’t truly happy in her life. Duggar grew up extremely sheltered, and when she married Vuolo, she was immediately thrown into the real world. Though she appears to like having the ability to wear pants and dye her hair, it isn’t always easy to adapt to such a different life, and fans have suggested she might not be as happy as she seems. Plus, some think that her marriage to Vuolo isn’t nearly as equal as it should be.

It seems like Vuolo might be in control of how many kids the two can have

During season 3 of Counting On, Duggar was helping Jessa Duggar baby-proof her house when she expressed that she wants many kids. While sitting down for an interview, she told producers, “I would like to have a whole house full of kids; I absolutely love kids.”

Duggar and Vuolo have only welcomed one child in their more than three years of marriage, though Duggar clearly wanted a large family when she and Vuolo started courting. It suggests that Duggar doesn’t have the freedom to decide how many kids the couple should have and that, rather, Vuolo is the one making that kind of important decision. It appears that Vuolo “wears the pants” in the couple’s marriage, and Duggar’s thoughts on kids from several years ago seems to make that clear.

Some think Duggar is pregnant with baby no. 2

It’s possible that Vuolo has come around to the idea of having another baby — some fans think Duggar is pregnant with baby no. 2. She and Vuolo have one daughter, Felicity, but fans thought they saw a baby bump in a photo Duggar posted on Thanksgiving. Since then, though, Duggar still hasn’t made any kind of announcement, so it’s unclear if she’s actually expecting (and her more recent photos haven’t seemed to show a bump). Time will tell if these two are actually welcoming another baby.