‘Counting On’: This One Duggar Habit Indicates The Older Kids Suffered From Food Insecurity

The Duggar kids had an unconventional upbringing. With 19 kids to house and feed, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar surely had their hands full.  Now that several of the kids are married adults, a few strange habits have been exposed. Those habits indicate maybe all was not well in their Tontitown, Arkansas home. Fans have long wondered if the Duggar kids dealt with food insecurity growing up, and there are a few hints that could indicate that was the case.

Joseph Duggar licked his plate clean

Back in 2018, Joseph Duggar and his new bride Kendra Caldwell were enjoying their honeymoon. Without chaperones, they finally got to spend some time alone. While they had a good time, Kendra discovered one of Joseph’s most irritating habits – he likes to lick his plate clean.

According to The Ashley Reality Roundup, Kendra quietly suggested Joe should stop literally licking his plate when the food is gone. Joseph, completely confused, indicated that he’s not the only Duggar family member to partake in the troubling behavior.

Aside from being kind of gross, the habit suggests that maybe the eldest Duggar kids didn’t have enough food growing up. The practice of licking the plate could be a holdover behavior from when food was scarce in the family. Kendra chalked the habit up to Joseph simply enjoying his food, but fans are unconvinced.

Josh Duggar gained a lot of weight after moving out

Josh Duggar’s sudden weight gain upon marriage caused concern from some fans. Not only did he start to pack on the pounds, but fans noticed that he clearly had a hard time managing his caloric intake. After a stint in a rehabilitation center for an addiction to pornography and sex, Josh surfaced in 2018 looking heavier than ever, according to In Touch.

While fans have plenty to say about Josh’s indiscretions, they are seriously concerned about his relationship with food. Back in 2013, an entire episode of 19 Kids and Counting centered around Josh’s post-wedding weight gain. According to Hollywood Life, Duggar gained one size for every year of marriage, so he gained four sizes by 2013. A doctor’s visit indicated that the 5’7 inch Duggar weighed around 225lbs, substantially more than his pre-Anna weight.  

Do the Duggar kids suffer from food insecurity?

While the Duggar family has never discussed food shortages or food insecurity, many fans believe that the older kids, at the very least, suffered. Jill Duggar once admitted that she would sneak food into the bathroom to eat. One fan on FreeJinger surmised; “I think the competition created by having umpteen siblings is also an issue. Who can forget Jill Duggar Dillard’s admission that she sometimes took food to the bathroom to eat? I imagine that it creates a tendency to wolf stuff down before it disappears, whether one is hungry or not.”

The entire family’s addiction to pickles, their reliance on canned foods and the recipes they all seem to love could indicate that perhaps food wasn’t always easy to come by. In fact, many of the recipes that are still cooked by the family are designed to stretch food and add calories where they are most needed. The famed tater tot casserole is a prime example.