‘Counting On’: Three Clues That Derick Dillard Is Ready to Drop All The Duggar Family Dirt

Derick Dillard is clearly angry that Counting On was renewed for its11th season. The father of two and law school student launched into a tirade on Instagram recently. During his time on social media, he answered commenter questions, and he held almost nothing back, but does Derick have more to tell? It seems like it, and there are a few clues that suggest he is getting ready to spill juicier pieces of gossip.

Derick has changed his Instagram profile

Derick is clearly ready to make his feelings known, more so than he has already. Shortly after the new season of the series premiered, Derick took to Instagram to share some family dirt directly on TLC’s Instagram page. He also busied himself with updating his own Instagram profile. That might not seem odd, but considering that he threw shade directly at the show in his profile, for all the world to see, indicates he might be ready to drop a whole lot more tea about his famous in-laws, and the network they work with.

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Derick’s profile now reads “Official Instagram of Derick Dillard — Reformed Counting On cast member,” which is clearly a dig at both the Duggar family and TLC. Derick and Jill have both gone through some pretty big changes in recent months. All of those significant changes appear to be directly related to Jill’s decision to take a serious step back from her family. She is, reportedly, working with a licensed therapist, as well. It is unknown if any of the other Duggars are working with counselors, although most family followers believe it is unlikely.

Derick is offering himself up for official interviews

The Duggar kids have largely shied away from public interviews unless Jim Bob set it up. Derick, however, has taken his newfound freedom and is happily talking to the press. First, Derick agreed to answer questions for Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball. The interview covered everything from Derick and Jill’s time on  Counting On, to the book Derick plans on writing. More recently, he agreed to sit down with additional publications to discuss his life and the way his time on Counting On negatively impacted his family. He has also appeared on podcasts, where he happily chatted about the Duggar family.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard speak with AJ Calloway on 'Extra'
Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard speak with AJ Calloway on ‘Extra’ | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

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While Derick’s desire to talk to the press might not seem like a huge deal, family followers assume he’s doing so to create buzz for his upcoming book. Derick and Jill left Counting On back in 2017. Since then, they have had limited contact with the Duggar family, or so it seems, but they weren’t exactly talking to the public about it. Why would Derick finally agree to interviews? Family followers have theorized that he either learned that he is not obligated to stay quiet, or Derick is ready to share everything he has learned over the years, for the financial gain of his own family.  

When will Derick’s book hit the shelves?

Derick doesn’t have an official release date for his book, but it can be assumed he is getting closer to an announcement. While he began teasing a book last year, he appears to have a more concrete idea of what his book will be about now. Derick, in his interview with Katie Joy, even noted the had an interested publisher, which mainly suggests he’s well on his way to moving forward with the book. He has also been forthcoming with exactly what the tell-all will cover and has recently stated that Jil will be involved in writing the non-fiction offering.

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It’s entirely possible, however, that Jim Bob will attempt to stop the project from happening. An insider told The Hollywood Gossip that Jim Bob is looking into ways to prevent the book, including hiring several lawyers. Derick, however, claims he never signed a non-disclosure agreement or any contract with Jim Bob. As a law student, set to graduate next year, Derick likely has a good handle on what he can and can not say in his writings.  Considering the amount of information he has been willing to share on social media, family followers are pretty sure the book will contain at least a couple of bombshells, though.