‘Counting On’ Viewers Are Convinced Josiah and Lauren Duggar Are Preparing to Announce Baby No. 2

The Duggar family announces several pregnancies each year, and fans are already curious as to who might be the next couple to say they’re expecting. Joe and Kendra Duggar recently announced baby no. 3, and now, fans are convinced Josiah and Lauren Duggar will be revealing baby no. 2 sometime soon.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson
Josiah and Lauren Duggar | Josiah and Lauren Duggar via Instagram

The Duggar family tends to have children close in age

When Michelle and Jim Bob were first married, they didn’t have children right away. Instead, they used birth control, but after Michelle became pregnant and had a miscarriage, she and Jim Bob opted to not use any form of pregnancy prevention during their marriage. Fast forward 30 years, and the couple now has 19 kids.

These days, the Duggar children are having children, and for the most part, they’re becoming pregnant at a similar pace as Michelle and Jim Bob. Most of the kids have fewer than two years between pregnancies, with some Duggars announcing new pregnancies within one year of giving birth.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s social media hiatus has fans asking questions

Duggar fans have noticed a pattern when it comes to baby announcements: The kids tend to take social media pauses before telling the world they’re expecting. Joe and Kendra Duggar stayed off social media for more than a month before the couple finally announced that baby no. 3 is on the way. Now, Josiah and Lauren are posting less, and it’s causing some viewers to think these two are having a baby, too.

“I was just thinking Lauren was pregnant and possibly announcing early next month,” one Reddit user said, based on the couple’s social media disappearance. “Perhaps Lauren is pregnant… And they had to wait for [Joe and Kendra’s] baby announcement,” another person wrote. Other users said the two don’t post frequently and it could just be a coincidence.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar hasn’t posted on Instagram since July 14

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Lauren’s first pregnancy wasn’t smooth

Though Lauren could be pregnant again, her first pregnancy might not have her excited to give birth again. The reality star was in labor for nearly three days, and after two epidurals, her labor pain never subsided. The Counting On episode showing Lauren’s birth highlighted the hardships she went through to deliver her daughter, Bella.

Some of the Duggars have had difficult births in the past, including Jessa and Jill, though it didn’t stop them from having more kids. It’s unclear if Lauren’s birth process will affect her willingness to expand the family.

Fans still think Joe and Kendra Duggar will have the most kids  

Though Lauren and Josiah could be hiding something, nothing has been confirmed. And many still think Joe and Kendra will be the couple to have the most kids. If Lauren is pregnant, she and Kendra will have had two kids of a similar age, but Joe and Kendra are already on their third child; she became pregnant with baby no. 3 at 21, putting her several years ahead of Michelle Duggar.

Fans are constantly suspecting when the next Duggar will announce a pregnancy. For now, Josiah and Lauren’s family plans are unclear.