‘Counting On’ Viewers Noticed a Major Mistake in John and Abbie Duggar’s Instagram Photo

Most of the Duggar family members are on Instagram. But even reality stars can make easy mistakes in their photos — though sometimes, viewers have to look closely to find them. And old photo from John and Abbie’s gender reveal was actually hiding a major error in plain sight. At the time, though, not everyone noticed.

John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett
John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett | John and Abbie Duggar via Instagram

The Duggars often reveal baby genders on Instagram

Most of the Duggars’ family news is shared through Instagram, so much so that when a new Duggar joins the social media app, fans immediately assume a big announcement (such as a courtship) is on its way.

Duggars love to reveal baby news on social media, too, often setting up photoshoots to reveal that they’re expecting. Over the years, fans have learned to look for every kind of hint on the Duggars’ social media accounts. When John and Abbie Duggar announced their pregnancy last year, fans were already suspicious that the couple might be having a baby simply based on their poses during photos.

Fans suspected John and Abbie Duggar were pregnant when they posted this photo last year.

John and Abbie Duggar posed a question to fans before revealing their baby’s gender

In August 2019, John and Abbie announced to fans that Abbie was pregnant with the couple’s first child. Everyone was thrilled, and people immediately started guessing whether they thought the two would have a boy or girl. On the day of the gender reveal, John and Abbie posed a question to fans: “Boy or girl, what’s your guess?” Fans left comments, with some hoping for a girl and others hoping for a boy.

People mostly noticed Abbie’s dress, as it received plenty of compliments and questions — but some fans realized John and Abbie had made a big mistake in posting that specific photo prior to announcing the baby’s gender.

Viewers spotted one detail that gave away John and Abbie’s gender reveal.

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John and Abbie gave away the baby’s gender without realizing it  

In the photo where the couple asked fans to guess the gender, they unknowingly were standing right in front of pink confetti strewn across their lawn (it’s mostly visible on the left side of the photo). Still, hardly anyone noticed the mistake until later. “It’s a girl, pink confetti on the grass,” one eagle-eyed fan wrote. “There is pink confetti on the grass how did no one notice?” another person wrote at the time. But the few comments that did reveal the mistake were lost in the shuffle, and most people didn’t pick up the minor detail.

Viewers recently took to Reddit to laugh about the mistake. “Imagine spoiling the gender reveal like that on the internet,” someone wrote. “I honestly didn’t realize it was confetti,” another person commented.

Will John and Abbie have another baby?

The Duggars tend to have children without leaving much time in between, so fans have already speculated about when John and Abbie might announce baby no. 2. Some think these two will take their family a bit slower and aren’t in any rush to expand. Abbie also dealt with severe morning sickness while pregnant, plus hours of labor, so she might not be rushing to go through all of that once more. Still, many suspect they’ll eventually announce at least one more pregnancy.