‘Counting On’ Viewers Think Kendra Duggar’s Birthday Post to Her Husband Was Pathetic

Counting On stars Joe and Kendra Duggar have been laying low since season 11 came to close and the couple announced their third pregnancy. But the two recently celebrated Joe’s 26th birthday, which prompted Kendra to post a photo slideshow of her hubby. Still, viewers were completely taken aback by her lack of emotion in the post.

Joe and Kendra Duggar
Joe and Kendra Duggar | TLC/YouTube

Joe and Kendra Duggar have been married since 2017

Kendra and Joe first met years ago when their families got to know one another at their Arkansas church. Since then, the Caldwells (Kendra’s family) have developed a close friendship with the Duggars, and for that reason, it was only a matter of time until a spark developed between Kendra and Joe.

Joe is about four years older than Kendra, so for most of his life, he never saw her as more than a friend. But once she turned 18, he noticed the two shared the same interests and values, and he pursued a courtship. Kendra’s parents approved, and the two only courted for about two months before Joe proposed. The proposal happened at Joy and Austin Forsyth’s wedding in May 2017, and only four months after that, Joe and Kendra tied the knot.

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Some viewers criticized Kendra’s birthday post to her husband

The couple celebrated three years of marriage last fall, and they’ve always been a bit more low key than some of the other Duggar couples. Joe and Kendra don’t post regularly to Instagram; they typically only post content on special occasions. On January 20, Joe celebrated his 26th birthday, but the show’s critics felt that her post fell a bit flat.

“Happy birthday Joe,” the caption read, with a heart-eyed emoji. “Celebrating you is so much fun!!!” Fans felt the caption showed no depth and wasn’t as heartfelt as other Duggar couples’ captions toward one another.

Reddit users mocked Kendra’s words, sharing comparable phrases such as, “It is your birthday” and “Or so I’ve been told.”

“[Joe and Kendra’s] marriage seems so boring,” one user commented.

“I will never understand those who think these 2 have a good marriage,” another person wrote.

Still, others suggested that Kendra, who is a mom to two young kids, might have been running around throughout the day and not had enough time to write a lengthy, heartfelt post. It’s also possible that Kendra simply doesn’t express her love for Joe through social media posts.

Joe and Kendra are expecting their third child this spring  

The couple has certainly been busy over the last few months. In late summer 2020, the two announced that they’re expecting their third child. Joe and Kendra haven’t wasted much time growing their family, as Kendra first became pregnant on their wedding night, and they’ll welcome their third child within four years of marriage.

The two recently announced that their “tie breaker” baby will be a girl, giving them two girls and one boy.