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The Duggar family may have started out with 19 children and two parents, but things are changing fast. With many of the Duggar kids marrying and starting families of their own, the number of mouths to feed is multiplying! The Duggars believe that women should stay at home to raise their children leaving their men to provide for the whole clan. So, what exactly are all the Duggar men doing for a living?

It seems that the majority of the adult male children (and those that married into the family) are currently on the bankroll of Jim Bob Duggar. Jim Bob, the patriarch of the family, has built an extensive commercial and residential real estate empire.

Ben Seewald is still in college

While the Seewalds are currently expecting their third child together, Ben, 23 is working on his bachelor’s degree. Before hooking up with Jessa Duggar, Ben was working as a windshield installer while attending community college.

Since moving down to live with Jessa, Ben has been helping the Duggar family out with their needs. He is currently serving as a tutor for the bevy of young Duggars who still need an education. One of his math lessons was featured on an episode of Counting On.

Jeremy Vuolo is a soccer player turned pastor

While Vuolo’s early passion was all about soccer, he’s now firmly entrenched in preaching. Vuolo played soccer all through college and was even named MVP of his Syracuse Orange team his senior year. Following his college career, Vuolo played professional soccer in both Finland and The United States.  He has since retired from the game and is focusing his efforts on being an ordained pastor. Vuolo is currently pursuing his theological studies at Masters Seminary.

Eagle-eyed fans believe that Jinger and Jeremy will be moving to Los Angeles sometime soon. Vuolo will need to be close to campus to finish the last two years of his three-year program. Jeremy seems to be the only Duggar son-in-law who isn’t dependent on Jim Bob for a paycheck.

Josh Duggar is slinging used cars, again

When the world first met Josh Duggar, he was selling used cars at a small, family-owned lot. After he married Anna Keller, however, the family packed up and headed to Washington DC. Ole Josh had aspirations of a political career, but that’s just not going to happen now. Josh’s molestation of his sisters was made public in 2015. He chased the molestation scandal with a cheating bombshell that rocked the family that is so focused on the importance of marriage.

Josh and his crew packed up and headed back to Arkansas, where he is once again selling used cars. Whether the lot is successful is not known, but several fans have noted he seems to spend a lot of time just standing around.

Derick Dillard is in law school

Derick Dillard is nearly as hated as Joshua Duggar. The former Walmart accountant famously left his steady job to head to South America as a missionary. From there, Dillard and his wife Jill begged for donations and documented their missionary work for Counting On. After the family was axed from the show, Derick decided to enroll in law school.

The demanding nature of law studies means Derick is currently unemployed. To keep the family afloat, Jill Dillard is utilizing her social media wiles to bring home a paycheck. Jill regularly blogs and posts sponsored content on her Instagram page. Derick spends his free time ranting on Twitter.

John is the all-around family volunteer

While John Duggar has a lot going on, there doesn’t seem to be much that he’s getting paid for. The Counting On star has a pilot’s license but spends most of his time carting his family to and fro. While his plane is registered under Duggar Aviation LLC, it seems that the chartered aircraft is only for the Duggar family. The family has since added five more planes to their fleet and several Duggar boys are now pursuing licenses.

John is also a constable in Arkansas. He was reelected shortly after his marriage to Abbie Burnett. The elected office is a volunteer position. John does still dabble in real estate and owns at least one income property. His blushing bride is a nurse. She recently transferred her credentials from her home state of Oklahoma to Arkansas.