‘Counting On’: What Is Going on With the Duggar Family’s Used Car Lot?

The Duggar family doesn’t just rely on their reality TV show to make ends meet. The expansive family has a variety of businesses they dabble in. Jim Bob Duggar and several of his sons appear to be making their money in real estate, while others were working on a family-owned used car lot. The used car lot, however, was shut down back in November 2019 and appears to be closed for good now. Family followers have one big question now that the automotive business seems to be permanently shuttered. What is Josh Duggar doing to support his wife and six children?

Josh Duggar’s car lot was at the center of a federal investigation

In November 2019, Josh’s car lot was at the center of a federal investigation. Initially, media reports suggested the FBI was seen at the Duggar family’s Springdale, Arkansas compound, but those reports turned out to be false. The FBI issued a statement letting the public know that they did not have an open investigation on the Duggar family.

KNWA, a local television station, later reported that the Department of Homeland Security had visited the family. They weren’t interested in the Duggars’ private home, though. Instead, their investigation appeared to zero in on Josh’s car lot, located on Wildcat Creek Road. The lot was located about 10 minutes from the Duggar family compound.  

Wholesale Motorcars is officially closed for business

According to The U.S. Sun, Wholesale Motorcars, the car lot Josh has operated since returning to Arkansas in 2015, is officially no more. That should come as no surprise for family followers, though. Shortly after reports of the investigation surfaced, they scrubbed the business’ webpage of information and appeared to move all the cars that sat on the lot to a different location.

One Reddit user who claims to live in Northwest Arkansas reported that the lot was stripped of its vehicles and signage just days after the news of a federal investigation broke. The phone number associated with the business sends callers straight to voicemail but appears to be active. The website, however, has been taken down completely, and the company’s Facebook page has not been updated since September 2019.

Some of the Duggar boys have moved on, but Josh hasn’t

In the wake of the lot’s closure, some of the Duggar boys hustled to find new ways to make money. Joseph Duggar, who had previously worked at the lot, appears to be dabbling in real estate now. Joseph and his wife, Kendra Caldwell, are expecting their third child. John David Duggar has focused exclusively on being a pilot and Josiah Duggar, who also worked on the lots, has taken to helping his brothers with renovating real estate holdings.


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Josh, however, doesn’t appear to be working at all. Josh nor his wife, Anna Duggar, have mentioned work on social media in recent months, nor has Josh been spied working on family projects. Jason Duggar, who recently joined Instagram, has featured several of his renovation projects on his page. While a few of his brothers, including Josiah, appear to be working with him, Josh hasn’t popped up on work sites yet. Does he have something going on behind the scenes? It’s hard to say, but family critics are certainly interested in finding out how Josh is supporting his ever-expanding family.