‘Counting On’: Which Duggar Daughter Has The Biggest Following?

Most of the Duggar family will be returning to Counting On for another season in a few short weeks. That doesn’t mean that’s the only project they are working on, though. Jessa Duggar, Jill Duggar, and Jinger Duggar have all been hard at work growing their social media followings. Some family critics think they are planning to create solo careers after the show is over. So, which Duggar daughter is most likely to make that happen? Their subscriber counts could be a clue.

Jessa Duggar has the most followers in the family

Jessa’s decision to add content to YouTube was a smart one. The mother of three has the most followers out of her sisters. With 2.2 million followers on Instagram and about 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, she appears to be the most followed Duggar by a large margin.

That doesn’t mean she’s the most popular Duggar daughter, though. In recent months, Jessa has been dragged on Instagram and YouTube for content that appears to be attempting to spin the Duggar family narrative. Shortly after Derick Dillard began speaking out against Jim Bob Duggar, Jessa took to YouTube to share her favorite memories of her father. Family followers noted that the video was incredibly transparent, and many believe Jessa may be crafting positive content about her parents in hopes of getting a bigger house.

Jill Duggar might not be on Counting On anymore, but fans are still interested

While Jessa has the most followers, Jill has emerged, in recent weeks, as a fan favorite. Reddit users have taken to praising Jill for changing things up and moving away from her family’s belief system. The sudden change in family follower’s feelings seems to be connected to Derick’s decision to speak out against the Duggar family.

Jill, herself, has yet to say anything negative about her parents, but many fans think she’s throwing subtle shade at Jim Bob and Michelle in her recent posts. As it stands, Jill has 1.6 million followers on Instagram, and her family vlog channel on YouTube has amassed 35,000 subscribers, according to Social Blade. Sure, she doesn’t have as many followers as Jessa, but it looks like she is the most well-liked of her siblings.

Jinger Duggar lags behind her older sisters

Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, may want to consider themselves the “breakout stars” of Counting On, but they are lagging behind Jill and Jessa when it comes to subscribers. Jinger’s Instagram following of 1.3 million is far from paltry, but she has a lot of ground to cover if she wants to surpass her older sisters.


With a Growing Subscriber Count Could Jessa Duggar Have a YouTube Career?

Family followers note that Jinger appears to be the Duggar daughter, who is putting the most effort into her Instagram page. She is also the Duggar that seems to be most serious about making a career as an influencer happen. It has not gone smoothly thus far. In recent months, Jinger had two sponsorships pulled, and many family critics believe she’s been busy trying to make her feed look more mainstream in an attempt to garner better deals.