‘Counting On’: Why Do Some of The Duggars Have Joint Instagram Accounts?

The Duggar family is different than other families. Aside from homeschooling their 19 kids, and forgoing birth control for religious reasons, they also have some pretty strict rules on social media. In short, the Duggar kids aren’t allowed to utilize the power of the internet until they are planning their weddings. Even after they exchange rings, they have some weird social media habits. Namely, they believe in having joint profiles with their spouses. So, why do they do this, and is it healthy for their relationships?

Why do the Duggars have joint social media accounts?

Now that several of the older Duggar kids are married, they are embarking on the wonderful journey that is social media. There have been a few stumbles along the way, but they have mostly gotten the hang out things. It would seem that none of the Duggars are allowed to access social media until they are ready to head down the aisle, and fans have long assumed the access to social media during the engagement stage is a shrewd business move by Jim Bob Duggar. Even after they are wed, many have chosen to use joint social media accounts to reach out to their fanbase.

Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar, for example, have a joint account. Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar also share one Instagram. Joy-Anna Duggar, who married Austin Forsyth, has a username that indicates their profile is shared, although Austin appears to have his own profile, too. For many of the Duggars, sharing social media is another way to remain “accountable.” In short, the Duggar kids were never let out of the sights of another human being for the first 20-odd years of their life. That doesn’t seem to change once they are married, the only thing that changes is the person following them around, both digitally and in the 3D world.

Are joint social media account healthy?

BravoTV sat down with a relationship expert, who suggested there really is no reason for the average couple to have a joint Instagram account. In fact, joint social media can cause more trouble than anything, and it is often an indication that there is something really wrong inside the relationship. Shannon Smith suggests that couples who have joint social media accounts may be untrusting of their partner, and often come off as “desperate.”

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The rules might be slightly different for celebrities, but do the Duggars really count as celebrities that need to do this? Absolutely not. If one partner in the marriage isn’t into social media, the other one can simply post under their own name. That doesn’t seem to be what is happening, at least not with some of the couples.

Do the Duggars have trust issues?

Fans have long surmised that several of the married Duggar kids appear to have an issue with trust. Joint social media accounts, notwithstanding, most followers point to Jill Duggar as the most untrusting partner. At least, she appears to be the clingiest of all the Duggars who have married over the years.

The mother of two often posts about visiting her husband, Derick Dillard, while he’s busy at school. While Jill might legitimately just want to see what’s going on, followers believe she’s tailing her husband of five years because she doesn’t trust him completely. The couple, while they don’t share a social media profile, has admitted to sharing passwords with each other. They also use Covenant Eyes, a software that’s purpose is to keep things clean on the internet, to see what the other is up to on a day-to-day basis.

Josiah and Lauren’s marriage has also been called into question. The pair share a joint Instagram account. While Lauren appears to control the content that is posted, several photos she’s recently shared have fans worried about Josiah’s well-being. In the couple’s most recent post, Josiah appears to be pulling away from Lauren, who seems to have a pretty firm grip on his shoulder, points out Reddit users. The body language in the photo is, admittedly, a little strange.