‘Counting On’: Why Is Joy-Anna Withholding Her Baby’s Name From the Public?

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s family just grew by one. The couple officially announced the arrival of their daughter on August 24, only three days after she made her debut into the world. The new baby arrived just one year after Joy suffered a late-term miscarriage. Fans were happy to hear the couple’s new daughter arrived safely, but one important piece of information was missing from the announcement. Joy and Austin opted not to share their new daughter’s name with the world. While fans await the name reveal, family critics are speculating about why they decided to withhold it in the first place.  

Is Joy-Anna planning to leverage her baby for YouTube views?

The fact that Joy hasn’t announced the name of her daughter just yet has struck some family followers as strange. The Duggar family doesn’t traditionally withhold the name of new babies. In fact, this appears to be the first time a Duggar offspring has chosen to avoid announcing their child’s name with the birth announcement. So, why would Joy make such a decision? Some family followers believe she might be planning to leverage the reveal for views on her budding YouTube channel.

Back in  March, Joy uploaded a pregnancy announcement to her new YouTube channel. To date, the video has been viewed 1.3 million times, and is, by far, her most popular offering. The other 12 videos on the channel average around 100,000 views. It’s safe to assume that the name reveal could garner just as many views, and it could set Joy and Austin up for a career on YouTube now that they have officially walked away from Counting On. Joy and Austin wouldn’t be the first ultra-conservative Christian family to leverage their fame for personal success on YouTube.

Joy’s best friend and her sister both have YouTube channels

If Joy is planning to move her fan base onto YouTube, she’ll be in good company. Jessa Duggar, who married Ben Seewald in 2014, has been documenting her family’s life on the platform for months. Jessa and Ben both still appear on Counting On, but their YouTube following is growing. Jessa has uploaded videos about feeding picky eaters, her personal struggles, and life with her famous parents.

Aside from Jessa, Joy has some inspiration in her best friend, Carlin Bates. Carlin and her husband, Evan Stewart, have been regularly uploading content onto their own YouTube channel since welcoming their daughter, Layla, in January. Carlin is the daughter of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates, famous for their show Bringing Up Bates. Evan and Carlin have recently been diagnosed with the Coronavirus, according to In Touch.

Why did Joy-Anna and Austin leave Counting On?

Just before the newest season of Counting On premiered, TLC published promotional photos and a trailer. Fans were quick to notice that Joy and Austin didn’t appear in the pictures and didn’t have a dedicated clip in the trailer, either. Rumors swirled that the pair had left Counting On, but they never confirmed it. In the end, they didn’t have to. Derick Dillard was more than happy to confirm their departure. Derick took to TLC’s Instagram page to spill family tea on the night of the show’s premiere. In one of his statements, Derick said that Joy and Austin had decided to leave the show, but were still being included in family activities. Derick and his wife, Jill Duggar, have been largely ignored by the Duggar family ever since they left the series back in 2017.


The Duggar Family’s Move to YouTube Has Fans Questioning the Fate of ‘Counting On’

So, why did Joy and Austin walk away? Derick never offered a reason, but family followers have long suspected Austin was truly uncomfortable with being on camera. If Joy is launching a YouTube career, that probably isn’t the case. Some family critics think Austin was tired of essentially volunteering for the show. Derick has made it known that none of the Duggar kids are paid for their time, and rather are offered gifts by Jim Bob Duggar. Austin and Joy received a home from Jim Bob and Michelle last year, and cut ties with the series shortly after.