‘Counting On’: Will Any of the Duggar Grandchildren Attend Regular School?

The Duggar family, famed for having a staggering 19 children, hasn’t stopped growing. Now that several of the kids have gone on to start families of their own, there’s plenty of curiosity about how they’ll steer their group of offspring. The Duggar family notoriously homeschooled all 19 kids, and they are still at it with several of the younger ones. Will the next generation raise their children the same way, or will they deviate from the norm and send their children to regular school?

Which Duggar kid is most likely to send their children to regular school?

While all of the married Duggars are still adhering to many of the family’s teaching, there has been some deviation from the family’s strict rules. Both Jinger Duggar and Jill Duggar have decided to wear pants; something that goes against the family’s modesty rules. Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, also kind of admitted that they use birth control on Instagram.

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Because of their rebellious ways, it seems like one of the two would be the most likely to send their kids off to a regular school with a lunchbox in tow. While Jinger’s daughter, Felicity, is still too young for school, some fans believe she’s the most likely to allow her youngster to attend traditional school. Jinger’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo doesn’t seem to have anything against conventional education; he attended traditional school and then went on to college.

Jill is currently in the process of homeschooling her two young sons, but that doesn’t mean she’s against the idea of a more traditional learning environment. She did note that her kids would likely go on to college. For now, it looks like she’s taking a hands-on approach to their education, and she’s received some flack for it

Which Duggar kid is most likely to rely on homeschooling?

Josh and Anna Duggar are no stranger to scandal. In one quick motion, Josh’s disturbing past was revealed, and he was outed as a serial cheater. That, however, hasn’t deterred the pair from having as many children as possible. Anna is currently awaiting the arrival of the couple’s sixth child.

The pair, the oldest of the bunch, seems to adhere most closely to the Duggar kids’ upbringing and they are homeschooling the entire crew, too. Neither Josh nor Anna have suggested they considered any other option. The program that they use to school their children is unknown, but many believe they adhere to the traditional teachings of the Institute for Basic Life Principles. The IBLP is a controversial Christian ministry that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar belong to.

Why do the Duggars believe in homeschooling?

The Duggar family stared homeschooling their expansive family decades ago. The reason for homeschooling is simple; the family’s faith dictates every single aspect of their life. Traditional public school would likely teach principles that the Duggar family doesn’t believe in. With 19 children, private, Christian schooling would have been out of reach financially. To ensure the kids adhered to a Christian lifestyle, they decided to homeschool.

The younger kids are often taught by their older siblings, while the older siblings utilized a Christian-based online curriculum to complete the upper grades. According to Romper, the family uses the ACE curriculum. The specially designed curriculum has an emphasis on the religious aspects of the Duggar’s life and focuses intently on what Michelle calls “character building.”