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Derick Dillards recent Instagram correspondence has Duggar family followers intrigued. During the Christmas holiday, Derick took to Instagram to share his thoughts on his famous in-laws, and it’s obvious he doesn’t have warm, fuzzy feelings about Jim Bob Duggar or TLC, the network that hosts the family’s show, Counting On.  This wasn’t the first time Derick popped off on social media. In the past, he’s threatened lawsuits and discussed the possibility of writing a tell-all book. While Jim Bob has never commented on any of Derick’s musing, there is one other Duggar family member who has stayed super quiet about the entire situation – Derick’s wife, Jill Duggar. Will the mother-of-two and former reality TV star speak out?

Derick Dillard alleges Jill was forced to continue filming

To hear Derick tell it, Jill and her siblings were all but forced into filming by the family’s patriarch. Reddit fans collected all of Derick’s comments on Instagram, and one goes into detail about how the fledgling couple came to appear on Counting On. He alleges that he and his wife did not want to continue filming but were told they’d be sued if they quit.

The comments on Derick’s Instagram picture are also the first time that a family member has identified Jill as a victim of abuse. He claimed that Jill no longer wished to film after her brother Josh Duggar’s molestation history was made public but was forced to continue. Derick claims he and Jill were never fired by TLC; instead, they made the decision to walk away when they became “enlightened.”

Is Jill close with her family?

Jill was once super close with her family, but it appears a rift has been forming for the last year. Jill and Derick, along with their two children, Israel and Sam, have been suspiciously absent from recent family events. They didn’t appear in Jessa Duggar’s Christmas video, and the pair seemed to spend Thanksgiving sans the Duggars.

Jill also didn’t appear at the family’s recent pregnancy photoshoot, and she didn’t seem to be present for many of the major milestone events filmed for TLC. While Derick noted they are often not on hand when TLC cameras are around, fans believe the rift goes deeper than that, especially because the family wasn’t on hand during the holiday season, most of which didn’t seem to be filmed by television cameras.

Jill also appears to be spending a lot more time with local friends, and a lot less time with her siblings. She’s shown up a few times with Amy Duggar, the family’s rebel cousin and did help deliver Jessa’s third child, but she hasn’t been pictured with her parents in years. Fans believe they just aren’t all that close, but that doesn’t seem to be a Jill-specific issue. In fact, Michelle Duggar, all but admitted her relationship with her adult children is pretty distant.

Will Jill Duggar ever speak out against her family?

Derick seems to have absolutely no problem burning bridges with the Duggar family and the network they work with, but Jill has been pretty quiet about it all. The mother of two is a pretty prolific Instagram poster. In recent years she’s been trying to get an influencer career off the ground and has filled her feed with the daily trials and tribulations of family life, but things have gone pretty quiet lately. Jill hasn’t shared a new snapshot since Dec. 23, right around the time Derick began his Instagram tirade.

Now, fans are wondering if Jill will ever speak out, or, at the very least, back up her husband. It hasn’t happened yet, and it may never happen. Because Jill was raised in a conservative culture that believes the husband is the headship, she may think Derick’s voice on family matters is enough. It’s also possible she doesn’t agree with his assessment. Fans, however, are dying to hear Jill’s perspective on the whole situation.