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Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo shocked fans when they announced they’d be moving to Los Angeles. Previously based in Loredo, Texas, the pair packed up their home and headed for the west coast for an educational opportunity for Jeremy. The former professional soccer player is officially a student at The Master’s Seminary. While they have settled into their Los Angeles lifestyle nicely, fans are curious about their future plans. So, will Jeremy and Jinger stay in the city of angels after he wraps up his studies, or will they be moving on?

When will Jeremy graduate from The Master’s Seminary?

According to the website’s course catalog, a master’s degree from the seminary takes between three and four years to complete. Jeremy appears to be enrolled in the divinity program. To graduate from the program, a student needs to complete 98 units. A full-time student generally takes at least 11 credit units per semester. Assuming Jeremy is a full-time student, it should take him between three and four years to complete the program.

Jeremy, however, didn’t begin the program when he moved his family from Texas to Los Angeles. He first mentioned the program in May 2018. Assuming he started his studies during the fall of 2018, he already completed a full year of study remotely by the time he moved to Los Angeles, with Jinger and their daughter Felicity in tow. Theoretically, Jeremy should graduate from the program in 2021 or 2022, depending on how many credit hours he’s taking on each semester.

Can Jeremy and Jinger afford to stay in Los Angeles?

Rising rent prices have driven a lot of people out of the Los Angeles area. Jeremy and Jinger are paying around $4,000 per month in rent, stumping fans who can’t imagine how the young couple affords it. As a student, Jeremy likely isn’t pulling in much money, and Jinger’s influencer career appears to have stalled. It’s also unknown just how much money they are making for appearing on Counting On if they are making anything at all.

Before moving to Los Angeles, the pair purchased a home in Texas, although it’s unknown how much they paid for the house. We do know that they sold the property in June 2019, just two years after purchasing it, for $199,000, according to Zillow. Assuming that Jeremy and Jinger bought the home for around the same price, they were likely paying around $1,200 per month for their house.

Their $4,000 per month rent is a pretty significant jump in their bills, and Jeremy’s future career path doesn’t seem all that lucrative. He is studying to become a preacher. According to Glassdoor, the average minister has a base salary of $52,000. With a $52,000 per year salary, Jeremy and Jinger shouldn’t be spending more than $1,500 per month in rent, according to Financial experts, although, in some cases, preachers are given a home to live in on top of their salary.

Where could they go next?

Jinger hasn’t lived in Arkansas since the day she married Jeremy back in November 2016. Jinger, who has long been considered the free-spirited one, seems to prefer it that way. While several fans believe the mother of one will head back to Arkansas follow Jeremy’s graduation, it doesn’t seem likely. Neither Jeremy nor Jinger have ever shown an interest in setting down roots in Arkansas.

Jeremy, who is from Philadelphia, might have an interest in moving closer to his home base, though. Both Jeremy and Jinger have promoted a non-profit organization that Jeremy’s mother, Diana Vuolo, founded. The organization provides music lessons to children who are growing up in at-risk homes, according to the organization’s official website. It’s plausible that Jeremy and Jinger could help with the organization if an east coast locale interests them. The organization, SWAN4kids, is registered in Lyndell, Pennsylvania, which is about one hour east of Philadelphia.

Some fans believe the couple will return to Loredo once the program is over, while others are hoping they stay in California. Neither Jeremy nor Jinger have spoken about their future plans publicly. Thankfully for them, they have some time to figure it out.