‘Counting On’ Fans Don’t Think John and Abbie’s Daughter Looks Like a Duggar At All

John and Abbie Duggar have been loving life as new parents. The two welcomed their daughter, Grace Annette (Gracie), back in January, and they’ve been adjusting to life as a family of three ever since. The two haven’t posted to Instagram nearly as much as some other Duggar couples, but their recent photo with their daughter had some realizing that Gracie doesn’t look like a Duggar at all.

Abbie Duggar and John David Duggar
John and Abbie Duggar | John and Abbie Duggar via Instagram

Abbie dealt with serious morning sickness during her pregnancy

John and Abbie didn’t start a family as quickly as some other Duggars did. It’s not uncommon for a Duggar couple to announce a pregnancy within three months of marriage. But John and Abbie seemed to take things a bit slower. The two took an exciting honeymoon to Finland, and they enjoyed married life for several months before getting pregnant; they wed in November 2018 but didn’t announce a pregnancy until the following August.

Once Abbie’s first trimester started, though (presumably in late April), she began experiencing very serious morning sickness. The two had just returned from a trip to Asia, and Abbie thought she’d become sick while she was over there., but she quickly realized she was pregnant. The sickness lasted through her first trimester, and it was difficult for her to even leave her home.

The two haven’t posted their daughter as much as other family members

Many of the Duggars love Instagram, but John and Abbie have seemed to be a bit more reserved on the photo-sharing app. The two usually only post a photo every few weeks, while other Duggars, such as Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, seem to post every few days. And many of the Duggars have Instagram stories more often than John and Abbie. It’s kind of nice to see the two keeping their lives a bit more private than other members of the family.

Those who follow the show don’t think Gracie looks anything like the Duggars

John and Abbie recently posted a photo of their daughter, who is now about three months old, to Instagram — and fans loved it. “Abby lookalike!” one fan commented. “She is gorgeous!!” another fan wrote.

Some who follow the show often discuss the Duggars on Reddit, and users pointed out that Gracie looks nothing like John’s side of the family. “The most non Duggar looking baby there ever was,” someone posted. “She doesn’t look like a Duggar at all,” another user wrote. Gracie’s face does seem to resemble her mother more than her father.

It’s unclear how many kids John and Abbie will have

It’s too early to tell, but it already seems like John and Abbie aren’t following the traditional Duggar path of having as many kids as possible. The two took things at a slower pace than other couples when it came to baby no. 1, so it wouldn’t surprise us if the same holds true for their future kids. Plus, these two were married several years later than most Duggars (Abby was 27 when she gave birth to Gracie), so it already seems likely that they won’t have more than a few.