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Jill Duggar has been slammed all over the internet for her strange tribute to her grandmother, Mary. The mother of two and former reality TV star, broke the news to her fans that Mary died suddenly at the age of 78. Several equally chilling tributes were posted by Jill’s siblings, but most fans just assumed that the ultra-religious Duggar family grieves differently. Well, cousin Amy doesn’t seem to share the Duggar kid’s sentiment. Following a passive-aggressive tweet, the pregnant family rebel unfollowed a few of her famous cousins, and most fans believe it has something to do with Mary’s sudden passing and the Duggar family tributes.

What was wrong with Jill Duggar’s tribute to Grandma Mary?

Fans first took issue with Jill’s desire to use her grandmother’s passing to garner cash. Her original post didn’t really strike a nerve with Instagram followers, but a follow-up post that instructed readers to follow a link in her bio did. Tech-savvy users know that when a link in a bio is clicked, Jill likely gets paid. Monetizing a tragic death seems unsavory, at best.

Reddit fans, however, took offense to Jill’s post for a completely different reason. While everyone grieves differently, several fans pointed out that the language in the post was a bit coldhearted. In fact, it noted that Grandma Mary would have chosen to spend her last day the way she did. She also claimed that Mary was ready to “check outta here.” Recent news on how the death occurred makes the post even more chilling.

New details emerge around the sudden passing of the Duggar family Matriarch

Jill was slammed for her tribute to Grandma Mary long before details of the 78-year-olds death emerged. Now that the news is out, the tribute seems even more disturbing. While it is true that Mary Duggar passed away suddenly, it wasn’t in her sleep or from a quick ailment. Instead, the death was a tragic accident.

According to People, Mary Duggar’s death has been ruled an accidental drowning. Mary is believed to have slipped and fallen into a swimming pool. Her daughter, Deanna allegedly found her unresponsive in the pool and called 911. She was pronounced dead on the scene.

Cousin Amy’s tweet and unfollowing

Cousin Amy was undeniably close to her grandmother. Over the years, the rebellious Duggar family member posted numerous pictures with the family matriarch, and in her own touching tribute to the Arkansas native. Amy, who is currently pregnant with her first child, noted that Mary was much more like a mother to her than a grandmother and that she was heartbroken by the loss.

Around the time that she posted her own tribute, Amy utilized Twitter to send a thinly-veiled message to her cousins. She noted that sometimes it’s acceptable to use emojis and other times it’s not appropriate. The Duggar girls that paid tribute to their grandmother on Instagram all used emojis. Jill happened to use several.

Shortly after sending the tweet, eagle-eyed fans on Reddit noted that Amy had gone on an unfollowing spree, and her cousin, Jill Duggar, seemed to be target number one. She also unfollowed Joy-Anna Duggar, as well as Anna Duggar. While its possible Amy unfollowed them because of the tributes they posted, it’s also plausible that the soon-to-be mother of one feels like she can part ways with some of her more controversial family members now that grandma has passed on.