‘Criminal Minds’: Fans Say They Can’t Stand This 1 Character

Criminal Minds has had a few characters come and go. Some fans seem to have been fond of some, while other fans seem to loathe other characters. One in particular stands out as someone many fans truly can’t stand. Read on to learn which character that is.

Fans can’t stand this character

Lola Glaudini and Shemar Moore
Lola Glaudini and Shemar Moore | Ron Jaffe/CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

Elle Greenaway (Lola Glaudini) wasn’t on the series for long, but many fans couldn’t stand the character in the slightest. She decided to leave her position because of the PTSD that she suffered when she was shot by an unsub. She also murdered a different unsub, and she ended up leaving in the end and was replaced by Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster). Some viewers weren’t fans of the character for a number of reasons.

Elle Greenaway has been described as ‘biased’

Reddit users wholeheartedly agree that Elle Greenaway isn’t the greatest character. “She was always so whiny about everything, blamed others for her own mistakes, and had a very biased viewpoint on everything,” a Reddit user wrote. “She was always patting herself on the back for so little.”

What Elle does ‘annoyed’ some fans

Lola Glaudini
Lola Glaudini | Ron Jaffe/CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

Some people think her actions were out of character and they felt “annoyed” by her entire arc in the end. “I loved her until the last episode or two when she went and killed that guy, that actually annoyed me so much,” another Reddit user wrote.

Elle didn’t handle being the victim very well and it eventually changed her forever. Viewers didn’t seem to enjoy how Elle was portrayed as the victim and how it unraveled her.

“100% agree,” someone else said. “I feel like they took the easiest, laziest route with her character development. ‘How would she act if she was the victim?’ Badly, of course. But making her into a person unable to compartmentalize (and also a major pain when trying to solve cases) was a sad way to go, and they could have made her into a more complex character instead of someone who blames everyone else because she was victimized.”

Elle is seen as ‘pretentious’

Numerous fans describe Elle as “pretentious” and say she didn’t really contribute much as a member of the BAU team. “I was not a fan either,” another user agreed. “She came across very pretentious. I think she was my least favorite team member, ever.”

“And I was always prejudiced against Elle,” another Reddit user admitted. “Maybe I might have been okay with her had I watched her in the beginning, but I found her over the top, pretentious, not adding any meaning to the group dynamic.”

Viewers ‘mute’ the television when she is on

Some viewers really don’t seem to like Elle at all. Some even “mute” the television when she is on, which goes to show just how deep the dislike goes. “Ugh I can’t stand her,” someone else noted. “I wish I could remember what I thought of her when the show first came out. All I know is every time I’m excited that Ion is starting episodes from the beginning (yay Gideon!) I realize I have to put up with Elle also. I dislike her even more through every rewatch. I try to mute whenever she’s on.”

Criminal Minds is a unique and iconic show with a huge fan following. However, many seem to agree that they really can’t stand Elle Greenaway.