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The hit series Criminal Minds may have come to a close in 2020, but fans still enjoy watching the series even now. Some fans may wonder which episode is the #1 top rated, and we have the answer. Learn which Criminal Minds episode has the highest rating of all time among IMDb users and what it’s about.

The highest-rated ‘Criminal Minds’ episode of all-time

Matthew Gray Gubler in 'Criminal Minds'
Matthew Gray Gubler in ‘Criminal Minds’ | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

So which episode takes the cake? According to IMDb, users have rated season 11, episode 11 called “Entropy” the title of the highest-rated episode. With a score of 9.2 out of 10, this episode is full of turns and edge-of-your-seat moments. 

The episode is a continuation of what happens earlier in the season when a group of hitmen connected online are actually after Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness). Giuseppe Montolo (Robert Neary), a hitman that was part of the group, is someone the team investigates earlier in the season. He’s killed in prison by the hitmen, who who want to kill Garcia naming her “The Dirty Dozen” after she works to uncover more about them during the case.

Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) has dinner with one of the hitmen named Cat Adams (Aubrey Plaza) as he poses as a married man with a wife who is about to have his child. He claims to want to have her killed, but really it’s a way to get to the hitmen that are targeting Garcia.

Members of the BAU sit in at the restaurant posing as patrons waiting for where this date will lead. Cat usually takes the men she targets to another location and kills him. Of course, the team isn’t going to let that happen though. However, Cat notices Reid’s decoy ring isn’t dinged or scratched, meaning he isn’t really married. She pulls a gun on him under the table, and Reid calls her out as to her being a hitman in a network of four still working together. 

Spencer and the other agents get closer


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Cat is known as “Miss .45,” and she takes Spencer’s gun and asks Jennifer “JJ” Jareau (A.J. Cook) to leave the bar area, which she does. Spencer is forced to answer Cat’s questions, and he explains the process of finding her down to the last detail. It started with a man from the NSA using one of the hitmen to target someone who is a DEA supervisor. The man who decided to talk didn’t know the names of the hitman, but “he did know their areas of expertise,” according to Garcia. The hitmen still include the Sniper, the Chemist working with poison, the Bomber, and Miss .45. 

Spencer continues to spill the information to Cat, explaining that they narrowed down someone called the Snowman, who is the one handing out jobs and taking care of the IT logistics. But the Snowman was kidnapped by one of the hitmen and is just a teenager forced to work for them. 

While arresting the man working at the NSA, they found a flash drive giving them more access to the dark net, which led them to the website the hitmen used, as well as the safe house. Agents raided the safe house, taking the Chemist and the Sniper down. 

Cat’s been working with the Bomber the whole time

They track down Cat by pretending to be a client that will trigger her to want to kill him, so Reid plays the role of a married man with a pregnant wife he wants to have killed. Cat’s killed three men who wanted her to kill their wives, and the families had children as well. Reid chooses a public meeting spot to narrow the chances of taking her in alive, and the plan is in place.

Apparently, Cat has been working with the Bomber, who left a bomb at the restaurant after Kat kept everyone occupied with her. The members of the BAU find explosives connected to the city’s gas line. Cat insists she’s allowed to walk out of there. Reid tells her that he actually found her father, someone she’s been looking to find for years. That gets her to stay, and he promises to tell her where to find him when he’s done. Her father killed her mother years ago, and Reid tells her he found him living on the streets, but he makes it all up, including that her father’s an alcoholic. 

The agents realize the Bomber is a woman, and they subdue her just as she’s armed the bomb in the restaurant through her phone. But Cat pulls a gun on Reid next. However, Agent Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) reveals that Cat’s father is outside, and since her father killed her mother, “there’s no statute of limitations,” meaning her father could still be charged according to Morgan. If she shoots Reid, Morgan shoots her. But if she surrenders, she can live to then testify against her dad. She agrees, and Reid cuffs her and takes her outside. But her father isn’t outside, and it was all part of the plan.

During the course of events, Reid reveals to Cat that his mother has “early onset of dementia” that’s “most likely Alzheimer’s.” Cat’s taken into custody, and the case is solved, but Reid is concerned about his future and his mother forgetting the memories they shared. Garcia is now safe.

Season 11, episode 11 is the highest-rated episode of Criminal Minds of all time.