‘Criminal Minds’: How Fans Really Feel About JJ and Will’s Relationship After That Shocking Season 14 Finale

Criminal Minds is a favorite show for many and it’s sad to see it coming to an end after one final season. Fans are hoping for answers when it comes to Jennifer “JJ” Jareau (A.J. Cook) and Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) after the season 14 finale. What does it mean for JJ’s relationship with Will LaMontagne, Jr. (Josh Stewart) and how do fans really feel about them being together going forward? Read on to learn more. There are spoilers ahead.

Things have changed for JJ and Will

Josh Stewart
Josh Stewart | Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Things will never be the same between JJ and the men in her life. In the finale of season 14, JJ tells Reid a secret while being held at gunpoint that could change everything for them both. She reveals that she has always loved him, which was a major shock for a lot of fans who thought that JJ and Will were happily married with children. How can things ever be the same between them now that JJ has told her feelings out loud to Reid?

How fans really feel about JJ and Will’s relationship

Fans have a lot of feelings about the whole love triangle that seems to be happening between JJ and her husband, Will and her best friend, Reid. A lot of people like Will and don’t seem to understand a situation that would be anything other than friends concerning JJ and Reid.

“I like Will too, although to be honest the JJ/Reid ship is mostly odd to me because I always see their interactions in a maternal light, like she’s nurturing him,” a Reddit user noted. “That makes it weird to me to imagine them as partners.”

JJ and Will have been through a lot

Many fans think JJ and Will have a good thing together. They’ve proven over the years how much they care for one another since they seem to always make it through.

“I think a lot of people forget that Will gave JJ several outs and every single time she chose to stay with him,” another Reddit user recalled. “The show itself had several chances to let Will out of her life but it always ends with them reinforcing how strong their relationship is. That’s the problem with bringing up something like that confession at a time when the show is only 10 episodes from the series finale. It just opened up a can of worms that can’t just be addressed in one or two episodes and then ignored until the end.”

Many fans note how supportive Will has always been with JJ. “I find it incredibly impossible to believe that there’s any sort of marital problems in the LaMontagne marriage,” someone else said. “Sure, they have their moments, everyone does. But Will has never been anything but 100% supportive and behind her.”

Other people believe that there were no warning signs or issues within JJ and Will’s marriage to begin with that would indicate problems to come. It has fans not really rooting for JJ and Reid to be anything more than friends.

“That’s the worst part about this whole thing: There was no buildup,” a Reddit user wrote. “Like, show Will and JJ having marriage problems, have them fight, etc. I mean Will had had some issue with JJ’s work schedule before so it wouldn’t be OOC for him. And it would have made it easier for those on the fence about Jeid to swallow it, and possibly accept and root for it. By having Will and JJ seem happy and content, it makes the reveal that much harder to swallow for the average viewer.”

Fans will hopefully get some answers when it comes to JJ and Will when the final season of Criminal Minds premieres on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, at 9 p.m. E.S.T.