‘Criminal Minds’ Season 15: Will Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia Reunite in the Final Season?

Criminal Minds may be coming to an end, but that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering about what might happen in season 15. A question looming over everyone’s heads is whether or not Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) will reunite again before it’s all over. Read on for possible spoilers for the final season of the hit CBS series.

When does season 15 of ‘Criminal Minds’ premiere?

Shemar Moore and Kirsten Vangsness
Shemar Moore and Kirsten Vangsness | Darren Michaels/CBS via Getty Images

The final season of Criminal Minds will land on our television screens on Wednesday January 8, 2020, at 9 p.m. E.S.T. and will consist of a two-hour premiere. Fans have a mix of emotions about the final season and what the future holds for all of our favorite characters.

Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia have a special relationship

The friendship between Morgan and Garcia is clear to anyone who has seen an episode where the duo interacts. The best friends have a special relationship and one of the hardest things about Shemar Moore’s departure from the series is that we won’t get to hear him call Garcia “Baby girl” again on a regular basis.

Why did Shemar Moore leave the show?

Moore may have left the series, but the good news is his character wasn’t killed off. Derek Morgan decides to leave the BAU after enduring numerous hardships. With Garcia’s blessing and that of Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), Morgan left. So, why did Moore really leave the series? He spoke with TVGuide and revealed why he left.

“I’m not leaving to go be a big star. I’m not leaving to go make a bunch of money. … I’m leaving because I just creatively want to be fueled and [am] excited to try new things and see what else I’m capable of,” Moore explained. “But I’m always going to look back and salute. They did not kill me on The Young and the Restless and I went back to say hello and thank the fans. Erica Messer refused to kill Derek Morgan.”

Derek Morgan has returned before to ‘Criminal Minds’ since his official departure

Morgan didn’t leave the BAU for good so to speak. He’s returned twice to reprise his role and interact with the main characters again. Since his exit, he’s returned in the season 12 finale as well as in season 13. In season 12 in the episode “Red Light,” Morgan makes a stop at the BAU when he gets an actual text from Peter Lewis, also known as Mr. Scratch. In season 13 in episode “Lucky Strikes,” he returns again to offer support to his dear friend Penelope Garcia. It was so nice to see them reunite again and their chemistry is still so effortless.

Could Morgan and Garcia reunite in the final season?

Based on the fact that Morgan and Garcia have such a special friendship that fans can’t seem to get enough of, they could very well reunite again. Fans need the closure and since the final season is already shortened to just 10 episodes, viewers need to see Morgan and Garcia together again. Considering Moore has returned previously as Morgan since he left the show, it’s safe to say it’s at least a possibility for season 15.

Criminal Minds may be coming to an end, but there’s still one season left to tie up all the loose ends. Hopefully, fans get to see Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia reunite again before it’s all really over.