‘Criminal Minds’: Why Fans Say David Rossi Is an Underrated Character

Criminal Minds is full of memorable characters and David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) is definitely one of them. Rossi is a unique member of the BAU team and he’s completely underrated according to fans. Read on to find out why.

Who is David Rossi on ‘Criminal Minds’?

Joe Mantegna
Joe Mantegna | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

David “Dave” Stephen Rossi is a Supervisory Special Agent as well as the Unit Senior Agent with the Behavioral Analysis Unit. He went into retirement in 1997 for around 10 years before returning to the BAU in 2007. The return of Rossi to the BAU was for an unfinished case, which he eventually solves in the end. Rossi is loyal to his team and doesn’t usually carry things with him from the past long-term.

Fans weigh in on David Rossi

Fans seem to love Rossi and the dynamic he brings to the rest of the team. He seems to be underrated, but there’s no reason for it. He’s a very likable character on Criminal Minds. “I’ve always loved Rossi ever since he arrived and he’s such a cool person,” a Reddit user observed.

“Well said,” a Reddit user agreed. “Rossi is too underrated. I’ve even seen people talk about how they dislike him. He’s done nothing wrong.”

Many people really liked Rossi from the very beginning of his time on the show. “I was thrilled when he came on the show,” someone else said. “I like having an older mature character there to add another viewpoint.”

Rossi is ‘like the grandpa’ of ‘Criminal Minds’

Some fans find Rossi to be like an older “grandpa” figure on the series. “He’s like the grandpa of the friend group. But he’s kind of like a cool grandpa,” another Reddit user wrote.

He might be older than the others, but he’s still very attractive as some viewers will admit. “Silver fox Rossi might be a new fave for me,” another fan observed.

“Yes I would give the world away for him to give me some life advice and call me ‘kiddo,’” someone else said.

One user brought up a good point about the dynamic between Rossi and Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson). It’s interesting to watch them bounce ideas off of each other so effortlessly.

“Rossi is generally awesome,” a Reddit user wrote. “I love the archetype he represents and he has some really beautiful interactions with the team. He’s a great sounding board for Hotch, who usually keeps his life and his emotions private, because he’s the leader and has to keep everything/everyone together. Rossi provides a sort of outlet for that as someone who is yes, Hotch’s subordinate, but also arguably more emotionally equipped to deal with heavy emotional situations that don’t particularly center around him, so he can be there for Hotch and it results in some really amazing and rare moments between the two.”

Season 15 of Criminal Minds premieres on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, at 9 p.m. E.S.T. with a two-hour premiere. Fans will get to see David Rossi and the rest of the team in action for one final season.