‘Crossroads’: Kim Cattrall Revealed That Madonna Was Supposed To Play Britney’s Mom

Britney Spears’ real mom is under fire for asking her daughter’s estate to pay her legal bills. And in the movie Crossroads, Britney Spears’ character Lucy similarly has issues with her mother, (Kim Cattrall.) 

Moreover, it turns out that Cattrall wasn’t the original choice to play the role. Here’s everything the actor has said about playing the famous singer’s mom in the 2002 road trip dramedy Crossroads

‘Crossroads’ director Tamra Davis said she involved Britney Spears in Kim Cattrall’s casting

Kim Cattrall, who appeared in Britney Spears' Crossroads movie
Kim Cattrall | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In the 2002 Crossroads episode of MTV’s Making the Movie, director Tamra Davis explained how Kim Cattrall landed the role. 

“We started mentioning names of very famous ladies to Britney, and you know she was very involved also in the casting,” Davis said. “When we said ‘Kim Cattrall,’ she was like ‘Oh my God, I love Sex and the City, that’s my favorite show! All my girlfriends and I watch it.” 

So that was that. But in a September 2020 Los Angeles Times interview, Cattrall admitted that the role was meant for Madonna. Additionally, she said she was “very curious” to meet the singer. In the absence of a role for Madonna, Spears opted instead to memorably dance in her underwear to Madonna’s 1986 hit Open Your Heart.

Davis confirmed in the documentary that she vetted some big names. “With Kim Cattrall, it was like this crazy thing where we had this list of all these very famous actresses that really wanted to do the movie,” Davis said. 

However, it was Britney Spears herself who wanted Kim Cattrall to play her mom. “I’m a really big fan of Sex and the City; I love that show,” Spears told MTV. “And I needed someone to play my mom. And a lot of people say she resembles me a little bit. We asked her to do it, and she was like ‘sure!’” 

Kim Cattrall’s character was complex 

In the medium-budget 2002 film, Cattrall takes on the role of Caroline, the mother that left young Lucy Wagner’s life when she was three years old. Cattrall explained her character in the MTV documentary. 

“I play Lucy’s mom; I left my relationship with her dad, who’s played by Dan Aykroyd when Lucy was three years old,” she said. She then added that she’s moved on dramatically. “I have a new life in Arizona, I’m remarried, and I have two boys, 10 and seven, and they are my life.” 

Furthermore, Cattrall’s character keeps Lucy’s existence a secret. “I’ve not told my husband that I had this former husband or this former daughter,” Cattrall continued. “It really is a threat to my life when she comes to the front door because I have just totally cut that out.” 

But it doesn’t go as Lucy plans; her movie mom doesn’t want anything to do with her. 

“It’s a very dramatic point in the film, of her finding out that her quest is basically futile because her mom is not going to put her arms around her and say ‘come and live with me,’” said Cattrall. 

It’s not the only adult issue in Crossroads. But it’s one that has an impact, and Cattrall said it was worth it to take on the role opposite Spears. 

“I thought, ‘hey, if you’re gonna play somebody’s mom, why not play hers?” Cattrall laughed. “She’s so dynamic and wonderful.” 

The role of Britney Spears’ mom is small but important 

To sum up, the supporting role of Caroline doesn’t take a lot of screen time. But it’s an essential element in the movie. Lucy’s road trip with her friends is, for her, about her lost mother. 

“Lucy’s journey is really about finding her mom,” Cattrall said. 

Moreover, Kim Cattrall had no shortage of encouraging things to say about the then-budding movie actor. “The greatest thing as a seasoned actress is to see somebody just starting out,” Cattrall said of Spears. 

“It takes a lot of courage because she could just sit back and say hey, I’m a music person, and that’s what I do,’” Cattrall added. “But she’s challenging it, and that’s wonderful.” 

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