Cyclops and Storm Were the Most Disrespected X-Men in the Movies, According to Fans

The members of the X-Men are some of the most iconic characters in the long history of Marvel comic books.

Introduced by legendary comic creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the first appearance of the superhero team was in 1963, and a wide range of X-Men comic titles are still released today. Some of the most well-known members of the X-Men are Wolverine, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Charles Xavier/Professor X, Ororo Munroe/Storm, and Scott Summers/Cyclops.

The beloved characters made their film debut in the 2000 film X-Men, which was directed by Bryan Singer. There have been numerous sequels in the continuing series, including the X-Men Beginnings trilogy which continues and changes both the future and past of the previous films.

The long-running series of films have had a mixed reaction from fans, especially concerning the portrayal of certain hero characters. 

Film adaptations of X-Men characters 

Halle Berry on the red carpet
Halle Berry | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

The first of the long-running X-Men series was released in 2000 to mostly positive reactions from both critics and fans. This goodwill was not as strong for the sequel X2, and was completely destroyed by the trilogy’s conclusion X-Men: The Last Stand. 

The last film in the trilogy is disliked by many fans, who say that the finale does not live up to the promise of the first film. Another reason many X-Men fans have mixed feelings about the original trilogy of films is the way some of the team’s most popular characters are treated. 

X-Men characters the FOX series of films mistreated

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Two of the most powerful mutants in the original trilogy of the X-Men series are Scott Summers/Cyclops who is played by James Marsden, and Ororo Munroe/Storm played by Halle Berry.

The characters are a main part of the films, but many fans on Reddit feel that their characters do not receive the focus and overall development that they deserve. Storm especially does not have a strong story, as she is really only shown in action scenes that do not advance the plot. Even in her action scenes, Storm does not show her full potential, which is one of the strongest heroes in the entire Marvel multiverse.

Another common complaint, as is the case for many comic adaptations, the characters do not fully meet their source material. Luckily in the age of reboots, there is always the possibility for a new and hopefully more accurate representation.

According to IGN, the fourth phase of the MCU will include the X-Men including Storm and Cyclops. The inclusion of these characters is an exciting possibility for fans of both Marvel films and comics, who have longed to see proper adaptations for their favorites in the MCU. 

Fan predictions for upcoming Marvel versions of the X-Men

Due to the acquisition of FOX Studios by Disney, many Marvel characters will soon be able to join the MCU. This includes the beloved Marvel characters like The Fantastic Four as well as the entirety of the X-Men team.

There have not been any formal announcements concerning how or when the X-Men will be introduced into the MCU, but many fans have already begun fantasizing about the future of the Marvel films with beloved X-Men characters.

One of the stories that fans are excited to see include Cyclops and his incredibly powerful brother Vulcan. Vulcan is a powerful supervillain with the power to manipulate energy with his mind, which he uses to become Emperor Vulcan in the Shi’ar world. He is the youngest Summers child, along with his brother Scott/Cyclops and Alex/Havok, who does appear in the later trilogy of the film series.

Besides his brothers, Cyclops has a number of connections to not yet seen Marvel characters, which is why many fans believe he will be an essential part of blending the X-Men into the existing MCU. This includes Storm, who already has a long history and connection to the extremely popular character Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) in the comic book continuity.

Whatever storylines and characters are introduced, fans are excited to see the future of the MCU with the X-Men included.