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Cynthia Bailey may be trading in her Georgia peach for shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive. The RHOA star says the possibility of joining the cast of Beverly Hills is appealing but that her salary would need to coincide with the switch, noting she’d also have to increase her hustle. 

Cynthia Bailey
Cynthia Bailey | Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Cynthia Bailey previously admits that joining ‘RHOBH’ isn’t a bad option

Bailey’s decision could also be fueled by having her family in LA. her daughter Noelle lives in LA and her husband Mike Hill also has a residence there. With her family being on the west coast full time, Bailey prefers to be closer to them.

She filmed a few episodes with Hill in LA for season 12 of RHOA at his home. Much of her time is split between both cities and she’s not opposed to switching franchises. Aside from her love life and family life, her career as a supermodel has afforded her the chance to live on both coasts. 

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“Beverly Hills, I’m not opposed to…the reality is, I live in Atlanta and I live in LA. As a reality star if we’re going to show my truth, then I’m friends with a lot of the ladies in Beverly Hills as well,” she said during an interview with Hip Hollywood.

Cynthia Bailey is still open to switching to ‘RHOBH’ cast if she moves to LA full time

Luckily for Bailey, she doesn’t have to make a decision on where to move just yet as the world is still in some level of quarantine because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

She tells Madame Noire in a recent interview that she and Hill have still been splitting their time in both cities but thanks to the opportunity to work remotely, they’ve been spending extended periods of time in one place. Still, Bailey insists she’ll keep her beloved lakehouse in Georgia.

“We plan to keep Lake Bailey on the Hill, gotta include my husband on the name, but the reality is we still have a home in LA,” she explains. “Home home for me will always be Atlanta, but my husband and I need to eventually decide what will be the one place we settle. ..we can work from home, there hasn’t been so much pressure to choose which house we’re going to be at most f the time.”

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If Bailey does decide to spend the majority of her life in LA, she has no problem switching franchises but jokes that the money has to align in order for her to keep up with the wealthy cast of RHOBH.

“I would always leave the door open to fit whatever is happening in my life at that time. If I’m spending more time in LA, I would never be closed to it,” she says.

She continues: “I love Beverly Hills, I would have to work a little harder because those girls are rich, rich over there…Beverly Hills rich and Atlanta rich is two different kinds of rich…For me, my heart will always be in Atlanta but I wouldn’t be closed to it if it was the right time and it was the right situation for me.”

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