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While many are calling Porsha Williams’ engagement to her RHOA co-star Falynn Guobadia’s engaged husband Simon, rapper Da Brat is coming to Williams’ defense. Brat says everyone doesn’t know the full story of Simon and Falynn’s split.

Da Brat and Porsha Williams
Da Brat and Porsha Williams | Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for WE tv

Simon Guobadia accuses Falynn Guobadia of cheating

Simon alleged on an Instagram live video that Falynn was unfaithful during their marriage. He didn’t confirm who Falynn cheated with.

“You guys just want something very salacious, how was infidelity exposed,” Simon told one follower. “Just understand that I’m very good at what I do when I need to find something out.”

But after Falynn released a one-minute teaser of her upcoming tell-all about her split from Simon, he’s sharing more about Falynn’s alleged indiscretions, saying Falynn cheated and is currently pregnant by another man.

Source: YouTube

Now, he’s releasing alleged receipts, showing Falynn and a close friend leaving and entering their marital home which was captured on home video footage. 

“When I say I have receipts of a cheating wife, this is what it looks like when Jaylan Duckworth (AKA Jaylan Banks) comes to my home on different days to sleep with my wife while I’m out of town in Miami,” Simon claims, as reported by The Source Magazine. “Wait for the video showing them coming back to my home at the end of a night out trying to avoid front door cameras. The dumb f*cks forgot the security cameras cover 360-degree view of the property. You cannot come on the property without being noticed by security cameras. Smdh. There are more receipts if needed.”

Simon continued, “Tell me how many husbands or wives should tolerate this type of behavior from their spouse. I filed for divorce a second time AFTER this video. She got a baby to prove that she was actively cheating.”

Da Brat comes to Porsha Williams’ defense against backlash while shading Falynn Guobadia

Brat works alongside Williams on the radio show Dish Nation. During Gary’s Tea segment on a recent episode of The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Gary reported a story on Falynn’s upcoming tell-all interview. Falynn is set to address the engagement scandal, cheating rumors put out by Simon, and the real deal on her relationship with Williams. 

During Gary’s report, he referred to Falynn as a “star of the Real Housewives” and set Brat off. Brat instantly questioned why Falynn was getting lauded as a star on the show. When questions surrounding Simon’s cheating accusations began, Brat insists it’s OK for him to tell his truth.

Source: YouTube

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“Word is on the street that she cheated and got caught cheating,” Brat said. “And then everything else hit the fan. So it’s two sides to every story. Everybody tryna condemn Porsha and all this other stuff but it’s two sides to every story. And Mister Simon not [sic] keeping quiet about it. He gon [sic] defend himself too.”

Brat continued, shading Falynn’s position on the show in the process.

But if she cheated on him first or whatever the case may be, it really ain’t our business but that seem to be what happened. Okay? So fall back on this…she ain’t no star. Let me just say that for one. Okay? You know her from ‘Housewives.’ We saw her two times, maybe three. She was running or something, with the Medusa hair or something and she showed her swimming pool. They was in her pool. That’s it, that’s all you know about her. What else have you seen her on…what else have you seen her on?

Williams says she and Simon are planning three wedding ceremonies.