Dak Prescott’s 1 Contract Demand Has Turned Into Jerry Jones’ Headache

The one colossal cloud that continues to linger over the NFL has been Dak Prescott’s contract situation with the Dallas Cowboys. The Pro Bowler has yet to agree to an extension with the Cowboys that has become a pressing matter that the two sides don’t appear to be close to hammering out a new contract. There have been some recent developments with Prescott finally inking his franchise tag after more than three months when it was designated on him, but there hasn’t been any notable movement to a new deal. All of that has centered on one demand he has that continues to cause frustrations for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

Dak Prescott decides to sign franchise tag

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Throughout the last several months, it has been well known that Dak Prescott is eyeing a lucrative deal that could make him the highest-paid player in the league.

The two sides have yet to move toward an agreement on an extension that led the team to place the franchise tag on Prescott before the start of free agency. The 26-year-old had yet to ink the tender while he decided against participating in voluntary virtual workouts.

Prescott has softened his stance a bit as he elected to sign the franchise tag on Monday that will pay him $31.4 million, which is the highest annual salary in Cowboys’ history. That has yet to move both sides closer to a deal as there remains one sticking point that continues to be a thorn in Jerry Jones’ side.

Dak Prescott has caused Jerry Jones’ headache

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All along Jerry Jones and the Cowboys knew that they were going to have to significantly pay Dak Prescott with his rookie contract expired.

It has shifted away from being a conversation around how much Dallas is willing to pay to how many years. Prescott has stuck firm to wanting a four-year contract, while the Cowboys desire a five-year deal that has shocked the team the Pro Bowler has stood tight with that desire, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

The Cowboys are and will continue to be stunned by Dak’s stance. As a fourth-round pick who never received a significant payday, he spurned their best offer in 2019, bet on himself, and will now make huge money this year, whether under the franchise tag or whatever long-term offer the Cowboys make to get him to trade in the money he’d make if he take the Kirk Cousins year-to-year approach. The Cowboys didn’t expect it to get to this point

Jerry Jones likely never believed that Prescott would make a tussle over the number of years with the Cowboys showing the willingness to pay him significantly in historic fashion. It’s a situation that evolved to the point where it has come down to the number of years that will get the job done, and the franchise hadn’t envisioned that it would turn out in this manner.

Will the Cowboys give Dak Prescott what he’s looking for?

Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are backed into the corner where Dak Prescott holds the cards as the team is fully committed to him being their long-term future under center.
Prescott’s desire lay with him wanting to be able to garner another lucrative deal a year sooner. Dallas may have to shovel out more than they hoped on an annual basis to their quarterback, but it will brush away questions about the contract situation.

It’s a matter that is in Jones’ hands to move past by appeasing Prescott in his demands to get a shorter deal. The longer the Cowboys wait, the more likely they will have to pay a more lucrative extension. The clock is ticking with the July 15 deadline quickly approaching, and the ball is Dallas’ court.

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