Dakota Fanning Had the Weirdest Encounter With a Fan During a Bikini Wax

Dakota Fanning is no stranger to obsessed fans. As she began her career at the age of five, Fanning has been highly regarded for her work as an actor for most of her life. Having starred in everything from massive film franchises like Twilight to period dramas like The Alienist, the 26-year has a resume to rival actors who are twice her age. Naturally, she has picked up plenty of fans throughout her career.

The Alienist star Dakota Fanning
Dakota Fanning | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Though Fanning is always juggling more than one project, fans are particularly enthralled with her show The Alienist as of late. The show certainly boasts an interesting concept. Not only is it a period drama, but it is also a psychological thriller about hunting a serial killer who has a penchant for killing boy prostitutes.

Dakota Fanning had an awkward encounter with a fan during a bikini wax

The show has developed a dedicated fan base and Fanning is often approached by people who are eager to express their love for the show. One fan even went so far as to gush about the show while giving her a bikini wax. “The best encounter that I had was I was getting a bikini wax and my waxer was talking to me about the show and how much she was loving it.” Fanning shared in an interview with W Magazine. “I was like ‘Great, I’m really glad.’ I’m literally lying there, facing the ceiling, and she’s deep in my bikini area and I’m talking about The Alienist,” Fanning shared.

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But, fans weren’t the only ones who were in love with the show. Fanning also thoroughly enjoying shooting The Alienist. The show was shot in Budapest, Hungary, and after spending nearly seven months in the charming city, she grew very attached and found it incredibly difficult to say goodbye. “It became like my home,” Fanning confessed about Budapest. “I sobbed hysterically when I had to leave.”

The ‘Twilight’ Saga star reflects on filming ‘The Alienist’

Of course, not all of Fanning’s time filming The Alienist in Budapest was stellar. In fact, when she first arrived in the city, she nearly passed out thanks to her required wardrobe for the television show. In keeping with the attire of the time, the Eclipse star was required to wear a corset. Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors, her first experience with wearing a corset was less than ideal.

“I didn’t get quite as attached to the corset,” Fanning joked. “I fainted in my first fitting. So I kind of just gotten off the plane, you know you’re sort of like swollen and tired and jet-lagged and all that, and I went straight to the studio and straight to my fittin. And they put the corset on and I was like ‘I’m going down.’ I had to sit and then they would like try and be like ‘OK are you alright now?’ I’d be like ‘Nope nope,'” the actor confessed.

Fanning eventually adjusted to the outfits required for ‘The Alienist’

Though her first run with the corset was less than ideal, Fanning eventually got used to it. In fact, by the time that The Alienist finished filming, the garment was fairly simple for her to get in and out of. “Then you get used to it,” Fanning shared. “Your body just completely adjusts. By the end, I was just snapping it on and snapping it off. It was like second nature,” she added.

Clearly, Fanning got used to the costuming for The Alienist, but we wonder if she’ll have to go through the same adjustment period if and when the show gets renewed for a third season. It seems only time will tell on both accounts.