Damon Dash Rubs Fans the Wrong Way After Calling His Kids ‘Stupid’ and ‘Clowns’

When celebrities sign up for reality television, it has a way of exposing the good, the bad, the weird, and the ugly. Viewers will often see some of their favorite famous folks in a different light – or not.

Damon Dash, businessman and former Roc-A-Fella head has been on WE tv’s Growing Up Hip Hop since season one, giving the audience a glimpse of what he’s like as a parent. But an upcoming episode of the series is already making some fans cringe.

Damon Dash
Damon ‘Boogie’ Dash II, Ava Dash, Damon Dash of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ | Earl Gibson III/Getty Images for we TV

Therapy session with Damon Dash goes left

A preview clip for the Feb. 27 episode of Growing Up Hip Hop is already making waves on social media. In it, Damon Dash (a.k.a. Dame Dash) is meeting with a counselor and two of his children: Damon ‘Boogie’ Dash II and 20-year-old daughter Ava.

The family session quickly escalates into a fight after Dash’s kids attempt to discuss their issues with their father, with Boogie saying his dad kicked him out. Dash denies it and gets defensive as his children back each other up, with Ava adding that he never lets them talk.

Dash says, “You’re spoiled. I’m very disappointed in you.”

“I’m disappointed in you too,” Ava replies. “I know you are but you’re a child and I took care of you and you never gave me nothing in your life. It’s all about you, you’re spoiled. You disrespectful. Ask her why she went to court,” Dash retorts, looking at the therapist.

As the therapist tries to calm the room down, Dash brings up Ava siding “against him” in a custody battle on behalf of her younger sister. Things get heated.

Boogie Dash defends Ava, both kids get called names

Dame tells Boogie to mind his business and the three of them go back and forth, with Boogie urging his father to let Ava speak. They’re talking over each other, with Dame becoming angrier and telling Boogie to stay out of it. Boogie eventually gets up to leave the room and Dame is still yelling at him.

“Get outta here. You’re so sensitive, you’re such a little girl about everything. You’re a growna** man,” Dame spouts to his son. Boogie fires back that it’s because he acts crazy, and that makes Dame more upset.

He then gets up and calls Boogie “stupid” and rants about family not going against family. He eventually walks out of the session but not before turning around to say, “Clown! Y’all both are clowns!”

This isn’t the first time Dash has clashed with his children – especially about Boogie’s sobriety and their upbringing – but viewers will have to wait and see if things improve.

Fans disagree with Dash’s behavior

This episode is set to air on Thursday, but on social media, fans think Dash was wrong and immature for speaking to his children that way.

YouTube commenters called him “emotionally abusive,” “narcissistic,” and a “bully.” Many pointed out that Dame’s attitude of being a provider is a sign he believes he’s been a good dad, but he really needs solo counseling sessions for himself.

Others commented that they feel bad for his children, knowing that Boogie wants a genuine, loving relationship with his father. Fans agree that there’s healing needed with proper therapy. Tune in for the next episode of Growing Up Hip Hop on Feb. 27 at 9 p.m.