‘Dance Moms’: Chloé Lukasiak Reveals If She’s Still Dancing Today

Though Dance Moms had plenty of cast members throughout its eight seasons, Chloé Lukasiak and her mother, Christi Lukasiak, are bonafide fan favorites. Chloé was an original member of the Abby Lee Dance Company Junior Elite Competition Team and was a member of the cast from Season 1 – Season 4 and again in Season 7.

Dance Moms alum Chloé Lukasiak
Dance Moms alum Chloé Lukasiak | John Wolfsohn/Getty Images

Chloé was known for her technique and her emotional execution on stage. Dance Moms fans also loved the dancer because of her sweet and sunny demeanor. Unfortunately, Chloé had a pretty tough time on the show. Because her dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller, truly disliked her mother, she often took her frustration out on Chloé. Miller called the dancer mean names like “sneak”, often gave her sub-par choreography, and pitted her against other talented dancers like Maddie Ziegler.

Why Chloé Lukasiak really quit ‘Dance Moms’

In fact, Chloé actually left Dance Moms because she heard Miller making fun of her eye while Miller was in a verbal altercation with Christi. Eventually, Chloé and her mom would come back to the show and dance under different teachers. But even though its been years since Chloé gave her final bow with the show, she is still working on healing from the experience.

Though filming Dance Moms was a huge part of Chloé’s life, the actor doesn’t really watch the show. Earlier this year, she actually tried to watch a few episodes but, ultimately, she couldn’t get through them. In an interview with the Crazy Stupid Fangirls podcast, the dancer shared that she didn’t enjoy reliving the drama.

The actor hasn’t been able to watch the reality TV show

“I tried to watch the first season because I was like ‘I wonder if this is gonna be healing,'” Chloé shared about rewatching Dance Moms. “Yeah, it wasn’t. No, it wasn’t. I felt really bad for everyone and then I just had to stop.” Another thing that Chloé had to stop doing was dancing. However, the actor has shared that she is working through things so that she can eventually return to dance when she’s ready.

Is Chloé still dancing post ‘Dance Moms’?

“I’m on a big healing journey right now,” the Dance Moms alum revealed. “Because I like — when I was going through the show, like I said, it was survival mode. And then like, later on, I didn’t really like go to therapy or anything for it. So like this year has really been like me like kind of dealing with it head-on. Yeah, so I’ve kind of taken a break from dancing but I always say the moment I can dance again and be like happy doing it is the moment I know I’ve healed.”


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We’re sure that Dance Moms fans are hoping that Chloé is able to heal from the show and eventually return to the hobby that she used to adore. Fortunately, she is still friends with the original cast members, so she has people who can understand what she went through.