‘Dance Moms’: Where Does Christi Lukasiak Stand with the Other OG Moms?

Though there were plenty of moms that eventually joined the cast of Dance Moms for some length of time, fans truly have a deep love for the original moms (who fondly call themselves the OGs.) Hailing from the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania, Dr. Holly Hatcher-Frazier, Christi Lukasiak, Melissa Gisoni, and Kelly Hyland were a part of the popular Lifetime reality TV show from day one.

Dance Moms cast
Dance Moms cast | Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Of course, there is one other mom who is often thought of as an OG despite the fact that she didn’t join the cast until season 2. But as Jill Vertes stuck around from season 2 until season 7, she is often included when Dance Moms fans reference the original cast members. Despite the fact that the OG moms haven’t recorded episodes of the show in over three years, they still are fairly well-known and have built up a pretty loyal fan base on social media.

Many of the OG ‘Dance Moms’ are still friends today

One thing that fans love is that the OG moms still maintain strong friendships today. Instagram posts will show that Gisoni is still very close to both Hatcher-Frazier and Vertes while Lukasiak and Hyland remain the dynamic duo that Dance Moms fans know and love. In fact, Vertes, Hyland, Hatcher-Frazier, and Gisoni recently launched a joint podcast together called Because Mom Said So.

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However, when the Dance Moms alums announced their podcast, fans immediately noted that Lukasiak wasn’t a part of it. Many of them expressed displeasure and began speculating reasons why she wasn’t a part of the show. The rumor mill got so bad that Lukasiak took to her Instagram to set the record straight. She shared that though she was initially a part of the podcast and very involved, she eventually dropped out because it was putting her in a bad headspace and she wanted to move beyond her Dance Moms past.

Christi Lukasiak reveals where she stands with the other ‘Dance Moms’ alums

But where does Lukasiak stand with the other OG moms since she’s not a part of their podcast? In an Instagram post, she shared that she wishes them well. “Do I wish them the best?” Lukasiak shared of the OG Dance Moms alums. “You bet. We went through a lot together that no one else will ever fully understand. They deserve all the success.” But Lukasiak also shared that she’s super close with all of them and that’s perfectly fine.

“Will we ever all be best friends?” Lukasiak questioned. “Nah. That’s obvious when you see the pics of who gets together and who’s excluded. (Not bitter, just facts.) But I would definitely go to lunch with any of them.” And Lukasiak isn’t the one who’s been excluded. Her daughter, Chloé Lukasiak has also hinted that she’s been excluded from outings with her former teammates though she was also adamant that there was no ill will.

The moms have left the drama in the past

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Vertes revealed that she is absolutely still close with Lukasiak and Hyland revealed that the pair talk all the time. Hatcher-Frazier and Lukasiak can frequently be seen trading encouraging Instagram comments back and forth. So while all the OG dance moms may not be best friends, it’s clear that they’ve moved beyond the drama once and for all.