‘Dancing With the Stars’: Cheryl Burke Asked AJ McLean Not to Do One Thing During Season 29

This season on Dancing With the Stars, Backstreet Boy AJ McLean and his partner Cheryl Burke have their eyes set on the Mirror Ball Trophy. But Burke had a strange request for McLean. Find out the one thing Burke asked McLean not to do during the season so they can take home first place.

AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke on 'Dancing With the Stars'
AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

AJ McLean is doing ‘DWTS’ for his family 

Throughout his time on Dancing With the Stars, McLean has talked about his family, including his wife, Rochelle, and their two daughters, Ava and Lyric. As a true family man, McLean wanted to participate on Dancing With the Stars to show his kids anything is possible. 

Fans of the Backstreet Boys are hoping McLean and Burke make it to the finals of season 29, just like his bandmate Nick Carter did during season 21. 

‘Dancing With the Stars’ has helped AJ McLean get in better shape

After finding out he was going to be on Dancing With the Stars, McLean got back into an exercise routine with his trainer virtually. “I lost about 17 pounds before we started,” he told former Mirror Ball Champion Bobby Bones on The Bobby Bones show Oct. 5. 

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“[Now that] we’ve started, I’ve probably lost another eight pounds,” McLean continued. “I’m just skin and muscle right now,” he chuckled. 

When asked about his parter, McLean told Bones he and Burke get along so well because they share similar personalities. He also mentioned the one thing Burke asked him not to do while competing during the season. 

Cheryl Burke doesn’t want AJ McLean lifting weights while he is on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ 

In the past, Burke has had some tough breaks on Dancing With the Stars. But Burke has always risen from the ashes, learning valuable lessons along the way. She’s instilling one of those lessons in McLean by asking him not to do any intense weight training while he’s on the show. 

“One of the first things Cheryl asked me to do is to stop lifting,” McLean said. “She had one of her celebs get really badly injured and [they] had to bow out because of that [injury], but I’m still doing a lot of core workouts, leg stuff…and stretching.”

Last season, Burke was paired with NFL star Ray Lewis, who had to forfeit his place in the competition because of a torn tendon. 

“In a game in 2010, I tore a tendon in my foot,” Lewis said during a video package in season 28. “And now, all of this dancing, all this on your toes. I’m reliving a problem that I thought I’d never have to relive again.” Lewis had torn three tendons and required surgery. Following the doctor’s orders, he had to leave the competition. 

To prevent that from happening again, Burke has asked that McLean take every precaution when he exercises outside of the show. McLean says he’s doing what he can to avoid injury — including eating right and drinking a lot of water. 

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