‘Dancing with the Stars’ Fans Claim Show is ‘Rigged’ Heading Into Finale: ‘We All Know Who’s Going to Win’

Fans of Dancing with the Stars claim the show is “rigged” toward one contestant heading into the finale. They made their statements claims in the comments section of an Instagram post. There, the series highlighted its four remaining performers ahead of the season 30 finale. While each celebrity competition and their professional partner have plenty of fan support, some appear to have an edge toward winning the mirrorball. Who do fans think the show will award the season’s honor to tonight?

The finalists of season 30 of DWTS include JoJo Siwa, Iman Shumpert, Amanda Kloots, and Cody Rigsby.
JoJo Siwa, Iman Shumpert, Amanda Kloots, and Cody Rigsby | ABC/Christopher Willard

The series wraps season 30 tonight

Tonight’s episode will close out season 30 tonight with the following celebrities competing for the show’s highest honor.

JoJo Siwa will dance with her partner Jenna Johnson. Iman Shumpert performs with Daniella Karagach. Cody Rigsby and Cheryl Burke will perform as well as Amanda Kloots and Alan Bersten.

These four celebrities have achieved the highest amount of fan votes throughout the season, keeping them in the competition.

Siwa, Shumpert, Rigsby, and Kloots will compete in a final two rounds of dances, and then one will win the coveted mirrorball trophy.

For their first-round dances, the finalists will combine two dance styles into one routine for a Fusion Dance.

Subsequently, for the second and final round, the couples will perform the fan-favorite Freestyle.

Why do ‘Dancing with the Stars’ fans claim the show is ‘rigged’ ahead of the finale?

Dancing with the Stars viewers appeared united in their feelings that the show already has its winner picked. They also made unsubstantiated claims the show is “rigged” ahead of tonight’s finale.

“I want Amanda and Alan to win… but we all know it’s rigged, so it’s going to be Jojo and Jenna,” wrote one follower.

“Iman and Daniela deserve it. Her choreography and his improvement, they’re amazing to watch. But we all know who is going to win,” claimed a second viewer.

“Iman is what the show was intended to be about – a celebrity learning dance from a professional and growth through expression. He has my vote, hands down! Good luck, Iman!” penned a third Instagram user.

“Y’all gonna give it to Jo & Jen,” penned the fourth fan.

Who is the celebrity most viewers believe will win the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ finale?

JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson on the set of "DWTS."
JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson | ABC/Christopher Willard

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The comments in the above Instagram post tend to lean toward Siwa and Johnson for their history-making same-sex pairing this season.

However, throughout the season, the women have demonstrated an ability to express themselves through dance. However, other performers in the finale have also shown a keen ability to take to complex ballroom techniques.

Shumpert had several breakthrough weeks on the series.

Kloots hit her stride in the past two episodes with routines that showed off her dance ability and emotion.

Rigsby, who battled coronavirus (COVID-19) this season, has steadily grown his fan base with consistency and dedication.

The winner of Dancing with the Stars season 30 will be revealed tonight beginning at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.