‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Fed up With the Show’s Theme Nights

Viewers of season 30 of Dancing with the Stars appear to be fed up with the show’s theme nights. These special performances are dedicated to one idea. Subsequently, the music, costuming, and dances focus on this particular theme. While these specific nights used to be more infrequent, they are now almost every week. Fans long for the days of traditional ballroom featured on the series. They are not big fans of the almost weekly themed performances that have strayed from the series original theme. They are reportedly fed up and shared their remarks on social media.

Tyra Banks wears a costume for "Grease" night on "DWTS."
Tyra Banks | ABC/Christopher Willard

This season ‘DWTS’ has rarely been without a themed episode

Season 30 of Dancing with the Stars has thus far featured Disney Heroes, Disney Villains, Britney Spears, and Grease, along with tonight’s Horror Night.

In earlier seasons of Dancing with the Stars, fans gravitated to more personal nights, including “Most Memorable Year,” when celebrities opened up about personal experiences that touched them deeply. They then interpreted those feelings in dances that were some of the most unforgettable of the season.

However, many feel that these gimmicky themes are taking away from the essence of the series, which is to show celebrities as they master complex ballroom techniques and overcome personal challenges.

Fans blasted the themed-episodes in a Reddit thread

"Dancing with the Stars" celebrities and pros during Disney Night performances.
Celebs and pros of season 30 of “Dancing with the Stars” | ABC/Christopher Willard

In a Reddit thread titled “Theme Nights are a bit excessive this year,” fans appeared to agree that the overabundance of themed dances has taken away from the show’s original premise.

The poster began the thread by stating that while they loved theme nights and getting creative, they believed it was a “bit excessive” this season.

“I feel it’s keeping the contestants from opening up fully. I wish we held back a bit on the theme nights and maybe do one every other week,” they claimed. The poster also believed this type of scheduling limits both the pros and celebrities with how they can be creative.

“I agree. I feel like they are trying to market the show to someone?…but I’m not sure who cause I don’t think it’s the long-term watchers. The show used to be about the dancing and the contestant’s journeys with their partners, but now it’s about how the current theme relates to them and dances that are being shoved into a song that doesn’t really work with the dance style. It’s frustrating,” wrote one fan.

“I hate theme nights. Because we’re missing the authentic Latin & ballroom feel for dances. They’re wearing over-the-top outfits and fitting certain characters that don’t even go with the dance style in general. I hate them. Such an overkill,” penned a second Reddit user.

‘DWTS’ has only 5 episodes left this season

"Dancing with the Stars" featured the music of Britney Spears in an earlier episode this season.
Dancing with the Stars set decorated for “Britney Night.” | ABC/Christopher Willard

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Dancing with the Stars is past its halfway point and only has five episodes left this season. Therefore, there is little any fan pushback can do to stop what is scheduled. However, there could be changes made if the show returns for a 31st season next Fall.

In the weeks to come, there is also a night devoted to the music group Queen and a fashion night.

These episodes will close in on the semifinals and finale episodes for the season.

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.