‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 27: Who Is Alexis Ren, and Why Was She Cast for the Show?

Alexis Ren
Alexis Ren | Instagram via Alexis Ren

The dancing competition show tries to pull from all kinds of places to get new stars. That trend has continued for Season 27 of Dancing with the Stars because Olympians, actors, and more have been chosen for the season. Alexis Ren is reportedly one of them and the reason why is interesting. So who is she? Here is everything to know about her and why she was cast for the show.

Alexis Ren is a model known for Instagram

There are many models who rise to fame on Instagram and she is one of them. She currently has over 12 million followers. You can find many pictures of the 21-year-old posing while traveling on the platform. She has also lived in picturesque places like California and now lives in Hawaii.

You can find videos of her on Youtube


The model also has multiple videos on Youtube. Some of her videos are of workouts, others are of her giving updates on her life to fans, others are of her traveling.  She doesn’t seem to post regularly so Instagram is more of her platform of choice.

The model has appeared in Maxim and Sports Illustrated

Alexis Ren’s photos aren’t just found on social media. She also posed in swimsuits for Sports Illustrated. It looks like she is pretty athletic given she did some impressive jumps in her video for the photoshoot. She might stick around in the dancing competition.

She has been open about her health journey

As a model, the influencer has been pretty open about her health and struggling with an eating disorder in the past. “I’ve gone through a lot as far as health,” she once wrote on Twitter. “I overworked myself to the point of malnourishment.” In a video she posted on Aug. 29, she revealed that she is anemic.

Dancing with the Stars chose her to try out social media influencers

So why was she cast for the show? “She’s a young model who rose to fame on Instagram and has been in Maxim and Sports Illustrated. They haven’t really gone the influencer route yet, so this is new to them,” a source told ET. “But besides being young and attractive, she also has a very compelling story. Her mother died when she was just 17 years old and she’s struggled with an eating disorder in the past.”

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