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Celebrities from every background have been coming on Dancing with the Stars for many seasons now. Some of them have music and dancing experience, therefore, they dominated the competition. But that’s certainly not the case for everyone.

There have been many celebrities who come from other backgrounds like science or politics, so they don’t know their way around the dance floor. So who were the worst dancers to try and win the mirrorball trophy? Here are the 25 worst contestants ever on the show.

25. D.L. Hughley

D.L. Hughley and Cheryl Burke are posing together on Dancing with the Stars.
D.L. Hughley and Cheryl Burke on Dancing with the Stars | ABC

The comedian and actor was on Season 16 and was partnered with Cheryl Burke. He managed to make it to week five but it was the tango that did him in. Although he improved over the weeks, he was still pretty stiff and thinking more than having fun. Tonioli even said his salsa made him look like he required a “hip replacement.”

When asked about his feelings about being eliminated he said, “I don’t have any disappointment,” according to Today. “I’d have to have some level of expectation, and I don’t. I don’t see things the way they do.” He also seemed to let the judges’ comments roll off his back.

“I know how to deal with hecklers,” he continued. “But I think they obviously have a way of doing things, and I don’t fit into that. That’s just how it is.” However, it does look like something got under his skin because he went on to compare the judges’ feedback to “verbal assault.”