‘Dancing With the Stars’ Viewers Compare Tyra Banks’ Glam Look to a ‘Jurassic Park’ Character

Dancing With the Stars viewers roasted series host Tyra Banks on social media. Their statements came after she debuted a costume change on the show’s second episode. Banks wore a burgundy-colored gown with a large fan accent that covered the top half of her body. However, some Instagram users were unkind to the outfit. They likened her look to a prehistoric character from the film Jurassic Park.

Tyra Banks was roasted by viewers of "Dancing with the Stars" who likened her dress to a character from "Jurassic Park."
Tyra Banks | ABC/Eric McCandless

Tyra Banks showed off her high-fashion style on Instagram

Shortly after the second episode of Dancing With the Stars aired on the east coast, Banks took to Instagram to show off her high-fashion style.

Banks thanked the team that put her look together. She penned a caption that corresponded to a photo where she modeled the outfit.

She asked her followers, “Wings or a Fan?”

Banks credited costume designer, fashion illustrator, and stylist Natalia Barzilai and Eric Archibald for the look put together by the House of JMC for the series.

Some ‘Dancing With the Stars’ viewers likened the gown to a character from ‘Jurassic Park’


Viewers of Dancing With the Stars added their own remarks to Banks’ statement.

However, their commentary was not complimentary. Rather, it roasted her look.

Some Instagram users likened the top half of Banks’ outfit to a prehistoric character from the Jurassic Park film series.

For example, one follower wrote, “Dinosaur from Jurassic Park.”

A second viewer claimed, “That outfit looks like that spitting thing from Jurassic Park.”

In the same vein, a third Instagram user penned, “Velociraptor costume?”

Likewise, a fourth Dancing With the Stars fan wrote, “She looks like a Dilophosaurus.”

Other viewers felt Tyra Banks had returned to her high fashion roots

Tyra Banks stands between competitors and pros on the set of "Dancing With the Stars."
Tyra Banks, Martin Kove, Britt Stewart, Christine Chiu, and Pasha Pashkov | ABC/Eric McCandless

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There appeared to be plenty of viewers who disliked the over-the-top look.

However, there appeared to be an equal amount who believed the former America’s Top Model host had returned to her high-fashion roots.

Firstly, one follower exclaimed, “I was like OMG; this woman is showing HIGH FASHION! I TOLD YOU Tyra Banks would MAKE A GREAT HOST.”

Secondly, a fan penned, “Whatever they are, they are giving me life.”

Moreover, this in-your-face style came after Banks made her season 2 debut as the show’s host, wearing an outfit that mirrored the glittering disco ball which sits atop the Dancing with the Stars mirrorball trophy.

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.