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Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul are some of the most controversial content celebrity creators out there. The pair has faced criticism throughout their careers for many of their decisions. The older Paul once again found himself on the hot seat when he gave his hot take on Jordan Peele’s Nope. Many people called him out for the tweet, and the movie’s star has also clapped back. Daniel Kaluuya brushed off Paul’s Nope criticism calling him “vanilla.”

Logan Paul criticized ‘Nope’ with a lengthy thread

On July 24, Paul took to his Twitter platform to share his thoughts on the recently dropped movie Nope. Paul has a massive following comprising 23.5 million YouTube subscribers, 6.5 million Twitter followers, and 23 million followers on Instagram.

Paul started his thread of 13 tweets by hitting the nail on the head. He wrote, “NOPE is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time. I love Jordan Peele, and Keke Palmer can act her ass off, but this movie is objectively slow and confusing with stretched themes that don’t justify the pace.”

The YouTuber stated that the plot “was done remarkably poor” and continued by posting 10 questions that all contained heavy spoilers. He also mentioned that the movie’s storyline “was all over the place” and criticized Kaluuya’s character, calling it “mundane” and “vanilla.”

Paul finalized his “thesis,” saying that Peele was trying to capitalize on his previous blockbusters like Get Out and Us criticizing the director for “attempting to recreate the shock” from these movies.” He noted that Peele wanted to create “a violent allure” instead of ensuring the storyline had “legitimate contributions,” admitting that all these “killed this movie” for him.

Daniel Kaluuya and fans clapped back at Logan Paul’s criticism of ‘Nope’

daniel kaluuya
Daniel Kaluuya | ABC via Getty Images

To say the backlash was instant and catastrophic would be an understatement. Twitter was sent into an uproar after Paul finished the 13-tweet thread of his criticism, with fans calling it ironic. Those who loved the movie claimed that Nope expertly detailed Paul and his brother’s careers, noting that the movie had underlying themes about society’s obsessions with social media and drama.

One user tweeted, “Logan Paul not understand [sic] Nope is so funny when the film is literally about people like him.” Another fan recalled the scandal that involved Paul vlogging himself laughing at a dead body for content, saying, “So you’re telling me the movie’s very clear commentary on spectacle and the lengths people will go to capture it was totally missed by Logan Paul.”

Another wrote, “Very interesting that Logan Paul didn’t understand a movie in which one of the key themes is how people will do anything for a spectacle and or attention.” Others claimed Paul hating the movie made them enjoy it even more.

Kaluuya appeared on Capital Breakfast, where host Sian Welby asked him about the backlash Paul has been facing. The Oscar winner was graceful in acknowledging that “everyone’s entitled to their opinion.” However, he asked the host to name Paul’s contribution to cinema, saying, “Imagine if they asked me about Eric Clapton.”

‘Nope’ is doing well at the box office


Jordan Peele Slammed ‘Nope’ Fan Calling Him the Best Horror Director of All Time, Twitter Can’t Get Enough

Nope follows two horse-wrangling siblings (Kaluuya and Palmer) who discover an alien being occupying their skies. They attempt to capture video footage of the sinister occurrence, but a nearby theme park owner tries to profit off the phenomenon.

Despite Paul’s criticism, the movie seems to be doing exceptionally well all around. Nope earned $149.4 million on a $68 million budget and has received praise for its storytelling. The New York Times praised the movie for its “impeccably managed suspense, sharp jokes and beguiling unnerving atmosphere.” The film currently holds an 83% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.