Danielle Jonas Said She Would Love to Have More Kids, But Wants To Wait Until This

The Jonas Brothers are in the thick of their “Happiness Begins” tour, playing to sell-out crowds and singing their chart-topping new music. Danielle Jonas recently reported that despite his busy concert schedule, husband Kevin made a pit stop at home so he could see his daughter off for her first day of kindergarten.

Danielle and Kevin Jonas | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Family man

Danielle and Kevin Jonas tied the knot on December 19, 2009. The couple have two daughters, Alena, 5, and Valentina, 2, who happen to be huge fans of the bro band. “Oh my gosh, they’re so proud of them,” Danielle said, as reported by E! News. “They’ll be by the stage and they’ll be waving to them and if they don’t get a wave, they’ll look at me and say, ‘Why are they not waving?’ I’ll say, ‘they’re looking at a lot of people right now but they love you.'”

Danielle and their daughters got to go on tour with the group for awhile, giving Alena and Valentina a chance to see their dad in action. “I had things saved, like pictures and videos and stuff like that to show them,” Danielle said of Kevin’s live performances. “But now that they can see it, it just feels so nice and to see that they’re so proud of him… They surprised me so much with being so good on tour and adapting to it. It was really nice.”

First day of school

Kevin made a point to be home for Alena’s first day of kindergarten. Danielle was sure to keep uncles Nick and Joe and sisters-in-law Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner up to date on their niece’s big day. “They were so pumped, and I was sending pictures of her all day,” Danielle told People. “They’re getting to experience everything with me.”

It was a sentimental day for the young couple, though Danielle knew her daughter’s extroverted personality would be a hit in kindergarten. “She was so happy. See, I don’t have to worry about Alena that much because she’s just like Kevin, very outgoing and everything,” Danielle said. “There’s some things she’ll shy away from but for the most part she holds her own so I kind of wasn’t worried.”

The young mom said dealt with more shock than sadness on Alena’s first full day at school. “I thought I would cry but I didn’t, because I think I was in such shock that I actually just dropped her off at school,” Danielle shared. “And then when she came home, I think she was in shock that she had to go every day now and not just three times a week because, you know, I was selfish and I had her home.”

More on the way?

Kevin may have had a harder time letting his little girl go. “My big girl on her first day of Kindergarten. I’m not prepared for this!!!” he posted on Instagram.

Danielle praised her husband’s hands-on parenting. “He came in late, late that night,” she told People of Kevin. “He’s super busy but super involved with the girls. He’s just a great dad.”

Another post with a distinct hashtag on Instagram had followers wondering if the two are gearing up for more kids. “I am so proud of her – I thought of everything from her coming home from the hospital to today and I can’t believe it’s here! she’s in school, I have a kindergartener my mind is blown! #ineedtohaveanotherbaby,” Danielle posted.

While Danielle seems on board with the idea, she’s not ready just yet. “I would love more [kids],” she revealed. “I might want to wait until they’re both in school so I can have my baby baby. I always wanted four but I might be down to three now.”