Danny Boy Wonders Why He’s Never Worked With Snoop Dogg: ‘At First I Thought It Was Because of My Sexuality’

Danny Boy is a former Death Row artist who recently opened up about his experiences in the music industry. And when talking about his old label, the singer revealed that he once believed Snoop Dogg never worked with him because of his sexuality. 

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Danny Boy signed with Death Row at the age of 16 

Danny Boy, born Daniel Steward, is an R&B and soul singer who was signed to Death Row by co-founder Suge Knight at 16-years-old. His first song, “Come When I Call,” was featured on the soundtrack of Dr. Dre, Fab Five Freddy, and Snoop Dogg’s 1994 short film, Murder Was the Case

Danny Boy released his first single, “Slip N’ Slide,” in 1995. The music video for the song featured several Death Row artists, including Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, and other members of the Dogg Pound.

The singer worked with Shakur on several tracks. He sang the choruses for many of the rapper’s hit songs, including “I Ain’t Mad at Cha”, “What’z Ya Phone #”, “Picture Me Rollin,” “Heaven Ain’t Hard 2 Find,” and “Toss It Up”. In 1996, he joined Shakur on stage for his first Saturday Night Live performance. 

Danny Boy was also a contestant on the 2005 season of American Idol (Carrie Underwood’s season). In 2010, the revamped Death Row released Danny Boy’s 1996 album, It’s About Time

He thought Snoop Dogg never worked with him because of his sexuality 

In a recent interview with The Art of the Dialogue, Danny Boy talked about his dynamic with Death Row and Snoop Dogg. He noted that he isn’t part of Snoop’s “clique.” And he said that he once believed the rapper didn’t want to work with him because he is gay. 

“I’ve never done a record with Snoop,” Danny Boy explained.  “At first I thought it was because of my sexuality — That’s the first thing I have to go to because that’s the first thing people bring up.”

But the singer realized that Snoop had several gay people featured on his gospel album. So he then figured Snoop’s issue with him was more about his personality and his music. 

“It’s just a thing of, maybe I’m just not the type of singer he likes,” Danny Boy suggested. “Maybe I’m just not the kind of gay people he likes.” 

Danny Boy came out in 2013 after the death of a partner 

In a 2016 interview with VLAD TV, Danny Boy talked about how he found the courage to come out as gay. He told the outlet that he kept it a secret for decades. But after his divorce, he realized he needed to come to terms with his sexuality. 

“After I was divorced, I left our house and I slept in my car for about three weeks and washed up in L.A. Fitness,” the singer recalled. “A guy that was pursuing me was really the only person to open the door that I felt comfortable with.” 

“Once I met someone, I kept trying to go back and forth,” he added. “I felt that that wasn’t cool, to be making a girl think I was into them or being into them and trying to be with guys at the same time.”

Danny Boy revealed that the death of a close partner in 2013 pushed him to come out. But he said it’s been a difficult experience due to the lack of acceptance in his community. 

“It’s not easy, it’s not accepted, especially in the black community,” Danny Boy noted. “You can’t imagine the inboxes and threats I get over who I like…I fear for my kids, I don’t want to see my kids go through certain things.”

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