‘Darcey & Stacey’: Is House of Eleven a Real Fashion Line?

Darcey & Stacey have been spending most of this season on their hit TLC show promoting their fashion line. House of Eleven is showcasing new swimsuits during Miami Swim Week, and this week’s episode will feature a model casting for the show. But what do we know about the fashion line? Is it a real fashion line? And where did the Silva twins get the name?

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for upcoming episodes of Darcey & Stacey.]

Darcey & Stacey fixing a dress on a model for their clothing line, House of Eleven
‘Darcey & Stacey’ working on a House of Eleven fashion event in 2014 | Michael Bezjian/WireImage

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House of Eleven was founded in honor of their late brother

Though often mentioned on episodes of Darcey & Stacey, House of Eleven was actually founded in 2010, according to the line’s official website. What’s more, Darcey’s official LinkedIn page confirms that she co-founded House of Eleven in October 2010 with her sister, Stacey.

When Darcey was on 90 Day Fiancé, she gave insight behind the clothing line’s name. “We created House of Eleven in honor of our brother that passed away in 1998 from Ewing’s sarcoma, so we’re here to kind of, you know, live for our passions as well,” she said. “Cause he was born May 11 and he passed on July 11, so everything we do is House of Eleven in his name. He’s the last Silva, so when we got divorced we took our last name back, Silva.”

The twins also frequently take to Instagram to pay tribute to their late brother, and House of Eleven’s inspiration.

Some critics say the clothes are drop-shipped

While Darcey & Stacey offer a wide variety of clothing and home goods on the House of Eleven website, not all of the customers are happy ones. According to some Google Reviews, the clothes are not of the quality that justifies the high price tag.

“Repackaged products made in China,” wrote one reviewer. “They take their logo and sew it into the same clothes. Super expensive shipping.”

In response, however, House of Eleven’s customer service department clarified that the clothing is made in Los Angeles, CA, “from fabric to completed garment.” In addition, the company went out of its way to offer customer service assistance to the disappointed customer. “If you are unhappy with your purchase please let us know by contacting customer service by emailing [email protected] We try to do our best to make items you would like and to provide you the best service we can offer,” they wrote.

Many celebrities have worn clothes seen on episodes of ‘Darcey & Stacey’

Despite criticisms of House of Eleven, Darcey & Stacey have made sure that their customer service is second-to-none. What’s more, House of Eleven also has a devoted celebrity following. Some of the many celebrities that have worn the brand include Nicki Minaj, Demi Lovato, and Jessica Alba.

Currently, too, House of Eleven has some of the swimwear featured on tonight’s episode available for purchase on its website.