‘Darcey & Stacey’: Stacey Silva Comes Clean to Darcey Silva About Talking to Tom Brooks

The Silva twins are back with their very own spinoff called Darcey & Stacey. There has already been some major drama brewing, and Stacey Silva finally decides to come clean about it in the most recent episode. How does Darcey Silva respond when she learns that her sister spoke with her ex, Tom Brooks, behind her back? Read on to find out.

Stacey Silva talks with Tom Brooks

Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva
Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva | Brad Barket/Getty Images for Discovery, Inc.

Stacey knows Darcey won’t be happy about her meeting up with Tom, and she says she feels “guilty” about it. “But I feel like, I’m doing it for her best interest,” Stacey tells the cameras.

Darcey was dating Tom long-distance before things ended abruptly. It got nasty, and Darcey chose to block Tom. However, Tom did come over to their house to leave a letter for Darcey, but the twins tore it up and didn’t read it.

Darcey hasn’t spoken with Tom since those events, but apparently, Stacey says Tom reached out to her. She wants to tell him to “stop the communication,” which is the point of the meet up.

As they sit down at a swanky restaurant, Stacey asks Tom what he wants to talk about. He says he wants to apologize to Darcey and that he wants her sister to let her know.

“I’m a little upset the way you guys ended it,” Stacey tells him. “I feel like I just need to let you know that I want the communication to stop. I just feel like there’s no need for you to reach out to Darce. Let her move on. Let her have peace.”

Tom admits he was “rude,” and he doesn’t feel like Darcey loved him. Stacey says she did, but Tom said he couldn’t “feel it.” He doesn’t feel Darcey was over her ex, Jesse Meester either. He mentions that he went to a therapist, and that maybe it would help Darcey as well.

Stacey gets up and leaves, and this will of course all come out again with her sister in the future.

Stacey comes clean to Darcey about talking to Tom

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In the most recent episode, Stacey invites her sister to come meet up with her and Florian Sukaj, her fiancé, in New York City, where she plans to tell Darcey about her conversation with Tom. Florian has just arrived to live in the United States, and he serves as a buffer during the conversation that follows.

The lead up to Stacey coming clean is so huge. She finally says, “I met with Tom,” and Darcey’s whole demeanor changes. She asks why, and Stacey says, “He contacted me. Because I know he’s been trying to get in contact with you and I went and told him to stop the communication. That you wanted to move on with your life and that you’re over it.”

She tells her that Tom says he was “sorry” and “wrong.” However, Darcey just can’t believe her sister would meet up with Tom behind her back.

“I can not believe that she met up with Tom,” Darcey tells the cameras. “I don’t understand why she would do something like that to me. I just feel like Stacey’s trying to snub the fact that I’m happy and I found a great guy too.”

Darcey recently found a new love interest, Georgi Rusev, who lives in Washington, D.C. He’s from Bulgaria and is a massage therapist. Darcey seems to be thrilled with this new situation, so bringing up this stuff with her ex is ruining the vibe.

“So you’re not chasing after Georgi?” Stacey asks. Darcey says that isn’t the case at all.

Stacey brings up the therapy comment that Tom made, which is kind of shocking. “I’m just going to get this out of the way,” Stacey begins. “At the end, he was just kind of like, ‘Your sister needs therapy.’”

Darcey tells her twin that she doesn’t care what he said. She says she doesn’t need it in regards to therapy. “You triggered something in me right now, that I’m trying to let go of. I have let go of, moving on with my life. I don’t need it like resurfaced,” Darcey tells Stacey.

Stacey says she went with “good intentions.” Darcey decides to get up and go before things can escalate any further.

Will the Silva twins be able to move on from this? Only time will tell.