‘Darcey & Stacey’: Stacey Silva Gets Her Test Results, but How Does It Go?

In the popular 90 Day Fiancé series Darcey & Stacey, fans recently saw Stacey Silva get some unexpected and potentially bad news from the doctor. This week, she gets the test results she’s been waiting for.

Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva standing together
Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva | Brad Barket/Getty Images for Discovery, Inc.

Stacey Silva gets some unexpected news from the doctor in ‘Darcey & Stacey’

Stacey convinced Florian Sukaj, her husband, to go to a fertility doctor with her. Stacey would “love” to have a baby with her husband, and they learn what their options are from the doctor, who also said his “concern” is Stacey’s “age.” She is 46. He also adds he thinks they “need to be more aggressive” when it comes to their “approach.” Although Stacey is hoping she has “at least a year or two.”

The doctor also reveals that he thinks “the odds are slim that it will happen naturally” as far as her becoming pregnant.

Stacey said that she thinks “freezing the eggs” would be the right plan, and the doctor explains testing is the next part, which will include bloodwork and an ultrasound as well as testing of her “egg production.”

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In episode 7, Stacey has some tests run, including blood work. There is also an ultrasound, and during it, what he’s looking for “is the small follicles” where the eggs are.

Suddenly he says something unexpected. “Uh, it looks like you have a small cyst on your left ovary,” the doctor says. “The bloodwork will tell us if the cyst may have more of a significance,” he adds.

Then the test is over, and the doctor asks if they have questions. Stacey asks when she’ll learn about her egg count and if the cyst is “benign.”

The doctor reveals he thinks they “need to wait for the blood work.” But he adds, “But the number of small follicles was low.”

Stacey Silva gets her test results

Stacey admits she’s “stressed” and also “worried” about her results when it comes to the blood work. It will determine more about the cyst. She eventually opens up to her sister, Darcey Silva, about it while in Turkey where they’re having some procedures done, and she’s there when Stacey has a video call with the doctor and also Florian as well. Stacey’s praying “for a positive outcome.”

In episode 9, Stacey gets some news from the doctor during the call that includes information that’s both relieving and stressful. Stacey broaches the subject of the cyst first.

“Concerning the cyst that you saw, is that something I need to be worried about?” she asks.

The doctor explains the testing done “focused on that.” “You know, we checked the ultrasound, and most of these are just come and go, but in this kind of scenario, you know, of course we talk about different option. If it’s persistent, if it gets bigger, if it bothers you, of course, you know, it’s an option to remove it.” He also adds, “I generally think that we just need to follow up in a couple months just to see if it’s still there.”

Stacey admits she’s “relieved” about that news, and who wouldn’t be? They are just going to keep an eye on the cyst and check on it in the future. The doctor even tells her, “I wouldn’t worry about that.” But that isn’t the only news Stacey gets.

“Essentially the blood work that we did, there’s a few hormones that we check and an ultrasound that we do to basically give us an assessment of what we call the ovarian reserve, how many eggs are left,” the doctor explains. “It doesn’t look very promising as far as being able to become pregnant. Mostly because you have fewer eggs and the eggs that you have are not as good.” He goes on: “Realistically, the chances of having a success, meaning that you actually have a healthy baby are probably in the low, very low single digits, 1%, 2%.”

Stacey asks if she should freeze what she does have, and the doctor doesn’t “think so.” He goes on to explain that when freezing the eggs, they wouldn’t know until trying to “use” the eggs if they’re even “viable.” He even uses the wording “it will take a small miracle for it to actually happen.”

Stacey clearly looks upset when hearing all this news. Obviously, Stacey is not happy now that her hopes are dashed. She hugs her twin, and later she gets in an argument with Florian Sukaj in the aftermath of the news. We’ll have to see what Stacey’s next plan of action is when it comes to having a child with her husband.