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After Gary Mendez (James Roday Rodriguez) and Maggie Bloom (Allison Miller) split, Darcy Cooper joined the cast of A Million Little Things. Floriana Lima was a recurring actor on the series in season 2 and then a regular in season 3. The relationship between Darcy and Gary grew, and many fans began to ship the couple. However, it all might be over because Gary prioritized his friends over his love life. Will Floriana Lima return to the A Million Little Things cast for season 4, or is she leaving the series?

A Million Little Things Darcy and Gary hugging while Darcy cries
‘A Million Little Things’ Season 3: Floriana Lima as Darcy Cooper and James Roday Rodriguez as Gary Mendez | Jack Rowand/Getty Images

‘A Million Little Things’ recap: Who is Darcy Cooper?

Gary and Darcy met on a laser tag playdate in A Million Little Things Season 2, when Eddie (David Giuntoli) and Catherine (Grace Park) couldn’t take Theo (Tristan Byon). Fans rejoiced when Darcy joined the show because she was Katherine’s friend. Viewers begged to know if Katherine had other friends outside of the group because she seemed like an outsider. 

At first, Gary flirted with the attendant at the register; however, as the playdate progressed, he realized he was into Darcy. The couple began dating at the very end of A Million Little Things Season 2. 

Throughout A Million Little Things Season 3, their relationship grew stronger as they shared past traumatic experiences. Darcy worked through her PTSD with his support. Meanwhile, Gary took care of Delilah Dixon’s (Stephanie Szostak) children while she was stuck in France. The couple talked about how they enjoyed “playing house” at Delilah’s. Darcy’s son, Liam (Mattia Castrillo), even hit it off with Gary. 

Is Darcy and Gary’s relationship over on ‘A Million Little Things’?

In A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 16, Darcy explained to Gary that her ex-husband, Steven, wanted to talk to her about a job offer he received. Steven had the opportunity to move for a job but wanted to ask Darcy because they share custody of their son, Liam. In addition, Steven wanted to know if Gary and Darcy’s relationship was a deal-breaker for the relocation. Unfortunately, Gary didn’t say anything meaningful before Darcy grabbed Liam and left the apartment.


‘A Million Little Things’: Is Eddie the Most Hated Character on the show?

Gary realized that he had neglected his relationship with Darcy as he was fixing his friends’ problems. She was upset that Eddie moved in with him instead of her.

“You’re a good friend Gary. Sometimes I wish I could be one of your friends,” she told him.

‘A Million Little Things’ Season 4: Does Floriana Lima return?

ABC renewed the series on May 14, 2021. The Deadline article included Floriana Lima in the A Million Little Things Season 4 cast members list. Since ABC promoted her to a series regular in season 3, and fans love her, she probably isn’t leaving the series. 

Hopefully, Gary realizes that he needs to work on his relationship with Darcy on A Million Little Things. Otherwise, she might stay on as Katherine’s friend. But, more likely than not, the writers will keep the veteran around to continue the love triangle between Maggie, Gary, and Darcy.

In the description for the upcoming A Million Little Things Season 3 Finale, viewers found a clue about Gary’s love life. 

“Maggie forces Gary to take a hard look at himself and his relationships,” read the ABC press release.

Maggie’s involvement in Gary’s relationships might be a good thing. But, hopefully, he fights for Darcy to stay on A Million Little Things.

A Million Little Things Season 3 Finale airs June 9, 2021, at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.