Dark Secrets the Duggar Family Doesn’t Want You to Know

Despite being TLC’s most conservative family ever, the Duggar family seems to constantly be involved in a scandal. While some of their controversies have made headlines, others have somehow relatively stayed on the down-low.

The internet, however, has a way of digging up anything from reality TV stars’ pasts. From scamming their own fans (page 5) to firing a 19 Kids and Counting crew member for being gay (page 9) to their biggest scandal yet (page 15), these are the dark secrets the Duggar family doesn’t want anyone to know.

1. Jill was accused of plagiarizing recipes on her website

Jill Dillard

She tried to pass the recipes off as her own. | Jill Dillard via Instagram

Jill Dillard, a daughter of the Duggar family who is married to Derick Dillard, has gotten herself into hot water with recipes she’s been posting on her family’s website. According to Romper, followers quickly caught on to the fact that recipes (and their accompanying photos) have been stolen from other sources without credit.

One recipe in particular that Jill got called out on was “one of [her] hubby’s favorites” for stuffed zucchini. Inquisitr reported that the recipe and photo came from AllRecipes.com, which she gave no credit to.

However, after receiving backlash, she went back into the post to write, “Photo credit & original recipe: Allrecipes.com.” She also noted that she “adapted them into [her] own,” but she can’t hide the fact that she originally plagiarized pretty blatantly.

Next: Derick got himself into trouble on the internet, too.

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