Dark Secrets You Never Knew About Princess Margaret’s Life

Long before we were all obsessed with Meghan Markle, another royal stood in the glaring spotlight. Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister, Princess Margaret spent all of her life in her sister’s shadow, and as a result, she made sure to shine as brightly as possible. A party girl with a naughty streak, Princess Margaret was the first royal to have a televised wedding — and she was also the first royal in nearly a century to go through a divorce.

These dark secrets about Princess Margaret’s life will leave you breathless. You’ll ce4rtainlty be shocked by the vicious ways her husband used to taunt her (page 9).

1. Terrorizing the court

A young Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret in 1933| AFP/Getty Images

  • From her teenage years, onward Princess Margaret couldn’t be contained

Though she was a fascinating figure, Princess Margaret was never beloved. In fact, in his book Ma’am Darling, Craig Brown writes that throughout her teenage years, the princess was thoroughly shiftless and lazy. She had to be nearly dragged about to do any public service.

From knights to footmen, anyone who encountered Princess Margaret wrote about her terrible attitude or any other nasty thing they could think of.

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