‘Dave’ FXX: Lil Dicky Ate so Much ‘Company Chicken’ in Season 2, This Unfortunate Thing Happened

Many people know Dave Burd as his rapper persona “Lil Dicky.” But thanks to his FXX series Dave, Burd is giving fans a glimpse at his personal life and rise to fame. Find out what happened when Burd consumed too much of his favorite meal, “Company Chicken,” on the set of Dave Season 2.

Dave 'Lil Dicky' Burd in 'Dave' FXX Season 2, Episode 8 'The Burds'
Dave Burd | Byron Cohen/FX

In the final episode of Dave Season 1, Dave and Ally (Taylor Misiak) are on a hike. As only an FXX series can do, the episode features a panicking Dave openly defecating into a pond.

While the scene was meant to be hilarious, something unfortunate happened behind the scenes. “We had a machine that took so long to attach to my body,” Burd explained to Deadline. “As soon as we started filming, there was someone pushing a lever. The first time we did it, the pipe malfunctioned and there was diarrhea shooting into the air.”

The machine’s malfunction wasn’t the only issue. As Dave co-creator Jeff Schaffer explained, the excrement didn’t “look like Dave’s.” With that understanding, Schaffer said they were able to “massage it and get it into a place where [they] were happy.”

Dave ‘Lil Dicky’ Burd ‘s— his pants’ on the set of ‘Dave’ Season 2 

Like season 1, season 2 of Dave presented some unique challenges behind the scenes. That was the case when Burd incorporated his favorite meal into a scene.

“‘Company Chicken’ is real-life Dave’s favorite meal,” Schaffer explains to Collider. “Dave loves ‘Company Chicken’ so much, the crew got the recipe from his mom and made [it].” 

Knowing it would be a lengthy shoot (he called it a “six-hour scene”), Schaffer encouraged Burd to pace himself while eating on set. “We were in between takes and he was chowing down on the ‘Company Chicken,'” Schaffer says.  

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Regardless of how much Burd loves “Company Chicken,” that six-hour shoot left him feeling otherwise. Schaffer said when they were filming Burd’s closeup, he looked like the chicken was going to “kill him.” 

“The best part of the story is that I literally s— my pants,” Burd interjects. “I actually pooped myself. I had to tell wardrobe that I needed a new pair of underwear because I ate myself full to the point where I actually pooped.” Fortunately, fans were none the wiser watching the episode.

Will ‘Dave’ FXX return with season 3?

After the emotional conclusion to Dave Season 2, many fans are eager for news of the show getting renewed for another season. Unfortunately, it could be some time before Burd’s ready to work on more Dave

“Season 3 is like the last thing on my mind right now,” Burd told Deadline before the season 2 finale aired. At the time, Burd was pressed with finishing season 2 episodes, which he handed in just before the deadline. But now that the season is over, Burd says he’s focused on another thing fans have eagerly awaited — a new album. 

“It’s been so long, and my fans are probably so annoyed at me,” the rapper admits. “I don’t blame them, but when I’m working seven days a week, like 16 hours a day, I can’t open up Pro Tools at night and tinker around.” With Dave over, Burd can focus more on his music. 

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