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Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl loves coffee almost as much as music. There was a time when Grohl drank so much coffee it started to affect his health. Once he thought he was having a heart attack, but it turned out his caffeine intake was a bit excessive.

Dave Grohl backstage at the 2018 BRIT Awards.
Dave Grohl | JMEnternational/Getty Images

Dave Grohl made a hilarious video about his coffee addiction

Along with his Them Crooked Vultures bandmates, Grohl made a hilarious video called “Fresh Pots,” which exaggerated his real-life coffee addiction.

The video shows behind-the-scenes footage of Grohl in the recording studio with Them Crooked Vultures. The beginning is prefaced with “Dave Grohl’s coffee addiction spirals out of control.”

Grohl constantly shouts to someone for “Fresh Pots!” In most scenes, Grohl is wired and often foams at the mouth like a wild dog. The video is mostly satire, but there was some truth to “Fresh Pots.”

Grohl thought he was having a heart attack, but he was drinking too much coffee

The frontman talked about “Fresh Pots” on an episode of Good For You Podcast with Whitney Cummings and explained there was some truth to it. Grohl said he was addicted to coffee and admitted that his coffee addiction once put him in the hospital.

Grohl said, “I had to go to the hospital once for drinking too much coffee, I was having chest pains, I thought I was dying. This is 10 years ago.

“The whole ‘Fresh Pots’ thing, that was real. That was a real thing, and I drank so much coffee over the course of three weeks that I started having chest pains, and I thought I was having a heart attack. But we were about to go play at the White House on the 4th of July.

“So, I put Bayer Asprin in my wallet and drank a lot of red wine… to keep myself from dying. So, played D.C., came home, called my doctor, and I’m like, ‘Mel, I’m having chest pains right now.'”

Grohl’s doctor ran some tests and concluded that he was drinking too much coffee. However, at that time, Grohl didn’t have time for sleep.

“We were in the studio making a record and I was drinking a lot of coffee,” he told Absolute Radio (per NME). “I was doing Vultures stuff at night, Foo Fighters stuff during the day and I had a newborn at home so I was sleeping two-three hours a night on an air mattress in a guest bedroom.

“And yeah, I had too much coffee, I started to get chest pains so I went to the hospital and they told me to stop drinking the coffee.”


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Foo Fighters made a follow-up video to ‘Fresh Pots’

For the 10th anniversary of “Fresh Pots,” Grohl and Foo Fighters made another hilarious satirical video for Saturday Night Live. It was a spoof advertisement for a product called FreshPotix.

Grohl reflects on his coffee addiction, explaining that he was “in the grips of a debilitating caffeine addiction.”

“My ability to maintain personal relationships and solid bowel movements were compromised by crippling sleep deprivation and noxious coffee breath,” he said in the ad. “As the bean took over, I found myself doing anything for a fix. My roast grew darker and darker – until I finally hit pot bottom.”

The video cut to clips of Grohl eating coffee sandwiches and rolling coffee joints while on the toilet. Then, Grohl took the new drug FreshPotix, which helped a lot. Although, the drug has some strange side effects like “Violent Fits of Rage Towards Left-Handed People,” “Extra Toe,” “Urge To Found Your Own Colony,” “Stomach Tail,” and “Nose Chickens.”

“With FreshPotix, I no longer have to shoplift or sell my body for that fantastic buzz that kept me awake for 36 hours at a time and sent me to the hospital for a CAT scan and psychotic evaluation,” Grohl says at the end of the video.

It’s uncertain whether Grohl curbed his coffee intake. Hopefully, he isn’t still experiencing his “Fresh Pots” days. Although, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins said Grohl still likes to pull all-nighters to barbecue.