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When the cast of Dawson’s Creek signed on to the show, none of them knew just how dramatically their lives would change. All of the actors were relatively unknown at the time the show premiered. However, after just one season, they were being swarmed by the paparazzi and passionate fans. But fan encounters weren’t the only intense part of the job. Over the years the cast has been candid about the fact that filming the popular show was incredibly hard work.

The cast of Dawson's Creek poses for promos
James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson, Meredith Monroe, Kerr Smith, and Katie Holmes | 2000 Columbia/TriStar International Television

Spanning six seasons and 128 episodes, Dawson’s Creek certainly covered a lot of ground. The show covered everything from sexuality to grief and everything between. Naturally, such a high-drama show meant that filming was emotionally taxing for the actors. Furthermore, the cast and crew of the hit drama often had to put in very long hours in order to create the episodes.

Which ‘Dawson’s Creek’ cast member was constantly flashing their butt?

Naturally, members of the Dawson’s Creek cast developed their own ways of coping with the stress that existed on set. However, one actor had a particularly unusual way of trying to alleviate some of the tension that occasionally occurred on set. Joshua Jackson, who played the lovable bad boy, Pacey Witter, was fond of mooning other members of the cast and the crew in attempts to cut the tension on set.

Back in 2000, Jackson revealed on Late Night with Conan O’Brien that he was fond of showing people his butt on the set of Dawson’s Creek to bring levity to a sometimes stressful environment. Soon after, Katie Holmes made an appearance on the show and she confirmed that Jackson did, in fact, have a penchant for mooing. According to Holmes, it happened so frequently that it didn’t even phase people anymore.

Katie Holmes weighs in on being flashed by her fellow actor

“I think he really thinks he’s doing a service to everyone,” Holmes revealed about her ex-boyfriend and fellow Dawson’s Creek castmate. “It doesn’t even faze us anymore. We have different directors every week that come in and he’ll do it and some people will give a chuckle. The rest of us are like, ‘Oh,’ you know. The directors get a kick out of it.”

It seems that Jackson may have had more in common with his Dawson’s Creek character than fans originally suspected. After all, Pacey was famed for his joking demeanor and devil may care attitude. He was also known for pulling a prank or two for a laugh. But despite the fact that Jackson has so much in common with Pacey, he could’ve just as easily played an entirely different character.

Joshua Jackson almost played a different character in ‘Dawson’s Creek’

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Kevin Williamson, who created Dawson’s Creek, revealed that Jackson was being considered for the role of Dawson. However, the powers at be felt that Jackson was too good looking to play the film-loving underdog. Williamson ultimately acquiesced to casting another actor, which was ultimately filled by James Van Der Beek, for the titular role. However, he knew Jackson needed a place in the cast no matter what.


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“I fell in love with Josh Jackson because he could read any role, Dawson or Pacey,” Williamson revealed. “But something wasn’t complete and that’s when the network said they didn’t see Josh as Dawson, and rightfully so. So, I went, ‘OK, he’s Pacey,’ because I knew I wanted him in the show no matter what.” We think Williamson definitely made the right call. We can’t picture Dawson’s Creek without Jackson, whether he was mooning people or not.