Which ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Star Called Another ‘1 of the Loves of My Life’ Who They Still Talk to Regularly?

The hit WB TV show Dawson’s Creek sparked lifelong friendships among its many stars — and even an off-screen romance or two. Years later, and some of them revealed how often they keep in touch and who they’re still friends with. So which deemed another “one of the loves of my life”?

‘Dawson’s Creek’ revolved around its young stars

Dawson's Creek cast poses for the show
James Van Der Beek Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson, Meredith Monroe, Kerr Smith, and Katie Holmes | Columbia/TriStar International Television

Given its title, fans expected Dawson’s Creek to be about, well, Dawson. The character, played by James Van Der Beek, is at the center of much of the series’ teen-centric drama. Alongside him are his classmates, Joey, Pacey, and Jen — and later, Jack and Andie.

The show brought attention to its young adult stars. Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams, Kerr Smith, and Meredith Monroe quickly became famous. Additions like Busy Philipps as Audrey joined as the characters grew up and the action shifted away from the creekside town.

It also focused on Dawson’s family

A common trope of teen dramas is that the young characters rarely interact with their parents. This is true for many in Dawson’s Creek. Jen lives with her grandmother, Jack and Andie’s dad is relatively absent, Pacey’s parents are scarcely heard from, and Joey’s only remaining one is in prison.

However, Dawson’s parents are not only present but part of many central storylines. After his mom, Gail, cheats on his dad, Mitch, the pair get divorced. They remain friends and reconcile in season 3, remarrying in the season finale. Their daughter, Lily, is born in season 4. But tragedy strikes in season 5.

Mary-Margaret Humes was devastated when John Wesley Shipp left ‘Dawson’s Creek’

Mary-Margaret Humes, who played Gail, discussed Mitch’s death with Us Weekly in 2018. “That was the hardest one for me because I knew that they were gonna kill him off, and they wanted to keep me on because Dawson did need to have one parent,” she explained.

“I knew it was going to change the dynamic, but I wanted to stay because I loved the show,” she continued. Of co-star John Wesley Shipp, she added, “He lives in New York, but we converse once a week. He truly is like one of the loves of my life. When they killed him off, they might as well have cut off my left arm, it was so tragic for me.”

The actors even cheered on their ‘son’ 

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Humes and Shipp weren’t invited to the 2018 reunion celebration 20 years since Dawson’s Creek premiered. While they were disappointed by that, they received calls and messages from their former co-stars, including their on-screen son, Van Der Beek, after the event.

And later, Shipp and Humes watched him compete on Dancing with the Stars. “So proud of this one right here,” Humes captioned a photo with Van Der Beek, praising his performance on the reality dance program. The actor came in fifth place when he was eliminated during Week 10 of the competition.