Dax Shepard Feels ‘Guilty’ About Doing This in 2020

2020 was a hard year. Devastating losses brought by the pandemic were accompanied by smaller, but still significant, personal struggles. Vacations were canceled, friends were kept at a distance, and the very last episode of The Good Place aired. Even celebrities — frequently able to escape widespread crises — faced tremendous disappoints. Between delayed projects and a lack of events, it seems it was a horrible year for everyone. 

Except, that is, for Dax Shepard. Although he feels slightly guilty about it, the actor and director has openly reported that 2020 was great for him … and it’s all thanks to his wife and best friend. 

Dax Shepard smiling in front of a dark background
Dax Shepard | Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Shepard and Bell are the ultimate power couple

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Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell have been together for over twelve years — even 2020 couldn’t tear them apart. It’s no wonder that the pair has come to be regarded as one of Hollywood’s strongest couples. Throughout constant paparazzi, speculation, and rumors, the two have stayed true to their relationship and each other. 

Bell and Shepard famously stated that they wouldn’t get married until same-sex marriage was legalized in California. Though they were finally able to tie the knot in 2013, they had a long road getting there. According to InStyle, both members of the couple left their first encounter a little skeptical. Bell thought that Shepard was too talkative, while Shepard thought her “unbridled happiness” was suspicious. Ironically, their tendency toward optimism and communication would be crucial in their relationship. After all, dating in the spotlight is no cakewalk. 

An early contention point in the relationship was Shepard’s past experiences with addiction. Although he had been sober for around three years when they first became romantically involved, Bell feared that a man with such a wild past would have a hard time settling down. But twelve years, two kids, and sixteen years of sobriety later, they seem to have been able to overcome any challenge. 

The star feels guilty for enjoying 2020

Addiction is a lifelong struggle, but it seems as though Shepard picked the perfect life partner to face it with him. Bell has shown up for her husband during previous moments of relapse, like in 2012, and most recently helped him through a 2020 struggle. Shepard has always been a proponent of complete transparency when it comes to addiction and publicly shared that he had fallen back into a habit with painkillers. 

Shepard has hosted the podcast Armchair Expert since 2018, but the September episode addressing his sobriety may be the most impactful. Not only does the star share his experience and offer solidarity for those struggling similarly, but he also emphasizes the extreme value of a support system. Today reports Shepard as saying that “it was the unconditional love of people around him that ultimately saved his life.”

Specifically, he called out his wife and his co-host, Monica Padman. He cites their relentless support and patience as life-saving. Despite the tremendous challenges of a relapse, Shepard even goes on to say that he “loved [2020] immensely.” 

Fans are excited to see what the new year will bring for Shepard

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Even in times of self-isolation, Shepard’s fans, family, and friends were able to ensure that he didn’t feel alone. As we navigate the new year, devoted followers are excited to see more projects and love from their favorite couple. 

Shepard continues to create inspirational and hilarious podcast content, helping us get over the loss of The Good Place. The A.V. Club reports that Bell, on the other hand, is set to star with Jonathan Groff in a musical … made by the creators of How I Met Your Mother. Things are looking up for all of us.